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Let us be grateful to the Almighty God for making mother, who showers unending love & affection to her children. A mother is an agent of God, who is not able to reach everywhere and therefore He created mother.

When it comes to Mother’s Day celebrations,Guest Posting a few iconic mothers from Indian mythology come to my mind. And one of my all-time favourite moms is Yashoda – a foster-mother of Lord Krishna. Now if you ask me why, here is a short tale. But before you read this tale, don’t forget to send mothers day gifts to India. Your mom is waiting for your gift.


Mother & Mythology

Krishna in his childhood was playing in sand and was eating it. On seeing this, Yashoda was angry on him and punished Krishna by tying him to a grinding stone. When sage Narad saw this, he was overwhelmed by the scene and chanted a couplet, which means: Mother Yashoda, you must have done extraordinary meritorious deeds and therefore, you have got right to punish the Supreme Lord of the universe. At the same time, sage Narad asks a question to Lord Krishna as to how he accepts this punishment.


Mother Rules the Ruler

The moral of the story is that a mother has superior authority to the Almighty God, who rules the entire universe. There are many such episodes narrated in Indian mythology & history, where mothers are depicted with Quasi-God powers to take lords and deities to task, of course, in an amusing and affectionate manner. But ever wondered why mothers enjoy such an authoritative status to rule the ruler Himself?


Sacrifice of Mothers

The answer is simple: one who sacrifices rules the world. All mothers – whether they are noted in history for their eminent roles in shaping lives of heroes or not known to the world – have sacrificed their likes and dislikes, comforts and wishes for the good of their children. Yashoda raised a child, who was born to other woman – Devaki. And after a few years, she, though reluctantly, bade adieu to Krishna for a noble cause (to kill Kansa, the demon king of Mathura).


Modern Moms

Back to the modern age. The shell has changed but the kernel remains the same; the new-age mothers maybe celebrating their motherhood with a bit more freedom to raise kids. But they still give up many luxuries of life for the sake of their kids; and there is no grievance for this sacrifice. In return, sometimes they get rewards and at times, their children forget those meritorious deeds of mothers and leave her on the mercy of destiny.


Mothers Day Gifts

This Mother’s Day, I request all kids – young or grown-up – to give back what your mothers have given to you. And all she needs is your love and affection. If you want to go the extra mile, surprise your mothers with some wonderful mothers day gifts. Not that you should buy some pricey mothers day gifts; rather than the price tag, your mom would definitely value the emotional tag attached to your gift. If you can add some creativity to your gifts, your mother would be more than happy. For some creative mothers day gifts ideas, you can browse through online shopping portals and purchase some innovative gifts for your mom.


There are a few who might be missing their mothers on this day; some of you must be on job and others have gone abroad for higher studies. On this special day, send your hearty wishes to your mother and also send mothers day gifts to India. Choose a gift that your mothers love to receive and send it to India via any shopping portal; your mothers day gifts to India will delivered safe and sound.

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