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Levis Curve ID jeans are a completely new way of looking at the fit of jeans. Consider this new line of a jeans a third dimension of fit.

A woman looks great in a perfectly fitting pair of jeans. But what can be frustrating for women is finding that perfectly fitting style. The problem isn't the lack of sizes,Guest Posting the problem is the wrong type of sizing. Three different women can have the exact same waist and length measurements yet find the same style of jean fits them differently. The reason is that women have different curves. By curves I don't mean weight. By curves I mean shape. Same waist, same length, different degree of curve from waist to hip.

Levis has taken a step to correct this with their new Curve ID jeans. The Curve ID is not a style - it's a third measurement. It takes into account the degree of curve a woman has from her waist down to her thighs and rear. Some women have narrow curves, some have medium and some have wide curves. Levis effort here is to provide styles of jeans that come in different curves, as well as waist and length measurements.

Levis Slight Curve is designed for women who have a slighter curve from their waist to their hips. While girls with a slight curve may often be skinnier, the Slight Curve is not just for skinny girls. It's for all women, no matter their waist size, that have straighter hips. Women with a more moderate curve will find the Demi Curve fits them best. The Bold Curve is for women who have much wider hips relative to their waist. Remember it's about the degree of the curve, not the measurement of the hips.

Women who find that jeans that fit in the hips but then pinch in at the waist are probably good candidates for the Slight Curve. What happens is that the style of jeans they are wearing are designed to try to fit the middle part of the population. They anticipate her curves will shape more then they do, which means that if they fit in the hip, the jeans will be cut to curve in to the waist at a sharper degree. This results in the waist being too tight if the jeans fit in the hips and the hips and seat being too baggy if the jeans fit in the waist. She just has a harder time buying jeansthat look good on her and are comfortable.

All the different sizes of Curve ID jeans come in different styles. Remember Curve is a size, not a style. You can get the Slight Curve jeans in Skinny, Straight and Boot cut. The skinny can fit perfect with the slight curve, eliminating any bagginess that defeats the whole purpose of buying skinny jeans!

If you aren't sure what size Curve you are, Levis offers free measurements in their stores and has a guide on their website. You may find that the Curve IDs are a little on the pricey side on the Levis website. If you shop around online you're likely to find much lower prices

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