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In a world which puts physical appearance above all, hair removal comes as a big plus.

We are all aware that we are living in a world which puts physical appearance above all. Aesthetics argue that we have come to believe external beauty as being the most important trump one can have. An important issue linked to this regards the presence,Guest Posting or rather the absence of body-hair. Waxing is a fast way of getting rid of large areas of unwanted hair, and the people of Zurich know that very well.

 We spend enormous sums of money on beauty products, beautifying surgeries and countless other beautifying methods. Among these, counts waxing, or epilation, a rather painful method of hair removal. But we do it, for beauty’s sake. A man can find the hair on a lady’s legs appalling, and women too think of it as unaesthetic. During the last years, men have begun to shave their hair too: legs, armpits, even chest are now all hair-free. But it has not always been this way. In the 14th century, for example, the beard was a very fashionable accessory.

In Zurich, hair removal comes under the name of haarentfernung. Here, lots of beauty salons are at the client’s disposal. One can choose between organic pre- and post-wax products, stylish decors and even resto-salons. The Swiss are taking waxing and beautifying methods to another level.

There are two main methods of haarentfernung with wax, or hair removal with wax. Waxing requires warm wax that is spread over the skin. When it hardens, the hair is embedded in the wax, making it easy to remove. Sugaring, or sugar waxing, consists of a sugary substance similar to caramel. It is a more popular form of waxing mainly due to the easiness with which it is removed. Being water soluble, the cleaning is more rapid and thus more effective.

Hair removal with wax presents both advantages and disadvantages. For example, while the cost is relatively low, the pain is relatively high and while large areas of hair can be removed quickly, sometimes this can cause hair in-growth, which can be very uncomfortable.

All these waxing drawbacks fade away when in Zurich. For example, sound system lounge and free internet access for clients, staff focused on personal client contact, unforgettable décors and warm welcoming are just a few of the numerous advantages. Now, analyzing by all these special treatments, we can say waxing has never been this painless!

Haarentfernung can be really tricky and sometimes you need it done by a specialist. But how do you find one in a city as big as Zurich? Well, you can either walk the streets all hairy and messy to make an appointment, as our doors are opened even on Saturdays, or you can always search the almighty Internet at hair-removal.ch. And don’t worry if haarentfernung is too much for you to translate; the site can be translated into English, especially for outsiders like you.

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