What is a Hairdressing Scissor?

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Have you noticed that hairdressing scissors are very different from regular scissors? 

Have you noticed that hairdressing scissors are very different from regular scissors? Well,Guest Posting they have to be different because each one cuts through very distinct materials. One is used for hair, the other isn’t. Those who are hoping to work in the hair styling industry must learn to tell the difference between these two tools and find the best hairdressing scissors to work with. 

A regular scissor just cuts through things like paper and must never be used to cut hair because only disaster will ensue. In the same way, a hairdressing scissor must never be used to cut something other than hair. Hairdressing scissors are very sharp tools that are specially built for cutting hair. Hairdressing scissors require specific care and handling. Hairdressing scissors must never be used to cut anything that isn’t hair because you can damage the blades this way. They should always be stored in a case or pouch to be kept safe from harm and you must clean them and lubricate them often so that they can keep cutting smoothly. Regular paper cutting scissors don’t need as much care, but hairdressing scissors do, since these are used on other people’s hair, plus the blades are more prone to suffering damage if improperly handled. 

There are three main categories of hair cutting scissors: general hairdressing scissors, hair thinning scissors and hair texturizing scissors. Any professional stylist will have different types of hairdressing scissors to perform all sorts of hair styling jobs. Hairdressing scissors may be used at home or in the salon for cutting hair but the type and size will influence the result. Some people buy hairdressing scissors to style their own hair or cut a family member’s hair but you need to have some skill with hairdressing scissors in order to do this. There are smaller hairdressing scissors used to trim bangs and this can really help you save money on trips to the salon, though it handy to learn how to do this properly so that you don’t have to rush off to find someone to fix it up for you afterwards. 

The prices of hairdressing scissors depend on many factors such as style, type, metal and manufacturing process. There are two main manufacturing processes used for making hairdressing scissors, forging and casting. Forging makes a durable and good quality scissor, while casting makes brittle and more economic scissors. If you want a good hairdressing scissor, buy a high quality one, and now that you know what it is, you will have a head start.

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