5 Ways to Create Popular Blog Posts

Dec 30


TJ Philpott

TJ Philpott

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A common characteristic of a popular blog is that readers get involved and/or interested enough to post comments. This involvement is usually the result of interesting blog entries from the site owner and normally this leads to additional traffic on the site. Read on to learn how to generate posts that spark an interest with your readers even when you are fresh out of ideas to write about.


Maintaining the necessary frequency you need to continually create popular blog posts that keep your blog reader coming back can sometimes be a challenge. Blog posting to be effective should be done at regular intervals to not only satisfy your current subscribers but to also attract fresh blog traffic. The intention is to get visitors to become more involved in what you are posting about to the extent they will post comments in response to your entries. It is therefore safe to assume that the more often you post the more readers will post comments offering their opinions.

How is it then that we can overcome the challenge of frequently generating blog entries that will provoke a response from readers? What can we do to keep our entries frequent and interesting to the blog reader?

Here are 5 techniques or 'templates' that you can use to help give you fresh ideas or a new direction on which you can base any new entries.

Quick Tips

Quick hitting tips and suggestions are always popular and interesting to any blog reader. Remember the more useful the content the more likely it is that it will be popular with the reader. By keeping the post brief is another benefit any reader will appreciate since like everybody else their time is a premium to them.


A post that instructs or teaches something to its viewers carries additional value and is likely to be quite popular. The key here is to limit the subject matter to something that is consistent with the theme of the blog. The more post you place on your site like this the more credibility you will gain as an authority on the subject.

Siphon Ideas from Comments

Read comments left on the site and take direction form them. Some people post comments in the form of a question that you can elaborate on or answer with blog entries.

Other comments may leave suggestions that you can follow-up with by using their suggestions as the subject of some of your future posts.

Product Review

Since you are a site that focuses on a particular subject or theme it is not unheard of but rather expected that you give your opinion on matters in this field. Focusing blog entries around the review of a new product or service is something that is sure to intrigue your readers.


Through your own personal experiences or perhaps references you can share with readers any new resources that may be of interest to them. When you stop to consider that your site is in fact a resource site for readers this type of post is a natural.

Creating popular blog posts that will move your readers to post comments in response is important insofar as maintaining a level of interactivity on your site. Your blog posting is at the core of maintaining the satisfaction of current subscribers while also attracting fresh new blog traffic. In order to keep your blog growing you therefore need to continue with posting interesting entries. The 5 techniques discussed will serve as a stimulus for new ideas and/or directions upon which you can base your blog entries. This in turn will help you maintain the necessary flow of interesting content needed to keep readers happy and your site growing.