Building a Better Blog Requires Patience

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Building a better blog should be consider a process and not a one time event!The fact is only time and experience will best show you where you need to make improvements to your site since every blog is different!Read more to see the 5 most common areas you'll want to focus on when making improvements to your blog!

Building a better blog should be consider a process and not a one time event! The fact is only time and experience will best show you where you need to make improvements to your site! Of course when any changes are made they need to be done so with your readers in mind! Remember however there is no such thing as the perfect blog but as long as you continue to make improvements,Guest Posting you're on the right track! So where do you start to make the changes your readers will love and better appreciate you for?
Site Layout
Is it easy to navigate or is it simply too busy thereby causing needless distractions for your readers! The layout for your blog can encourage or even discourage people from spending more or less time browsing! Keep your layout 'clean' and remove any needless distractions that may divert focus from the content you posted! Take a close look at your sidebar to see if there is anything displayed that serves little or no purpose and remove it or place it on another page!
Content Formatting
Like the site layout if your content is difficult to scan it's time to make improvements in this area! The last thing your readers want to encounter when they land on your platform is large blocks of text! Break up your posts with images, shorter sentences and even use bullet points and/or subtitles to get your message across!
Opt In Performance
If you're building a list but the traffic you get does NOT reflect the size of your list perhaps a few adjustments are required! Opt in box placement, text or even your offer may need to be reevaluated! Now this may be one aspect of your platform that makes little difference to your readers but it will to you and your future prosperity!
Not Much Activity
Without a steady flow of traffic to your site you're simply blogging for yourself and I'm sure that is NOT your intentions! Are you promoting your blog or depending upon people being able to find you? Be a bit more aggressive at marketing your blogging platform and don't rely solely upon posting and pinging the search engines! There are numerous ways to increase your online visibility that are easy to implement and free of cost! Viral videos, social networking, article submissions and even 'networking' out by leaving comments at other blogs in your niche are all very effective ways to get traffic! Even the most perfect blog will languish in obscurity without the right amount of exposure!
Blogger Fatigue
This is very common for anyone who blogs and has been doing so for a while! It's human nature to occasionally grow tired or bored of doing the same thing over and again and when blogging this is reflected in your updates! They tend to become stale simply because your own enthusiasm may have tailed off and this will ultimately affect your readers in the way they interact or even their rate of return! If this is the case for you invite guest bloggers to write for you or even outsource your content creation to a third party to help alleviate your work load!
Building a better blog is something that takes time and patience and also requires quite a bit of trial and error! In order to make improvements you'll first need some feedback, and in most cases your readers will be the best source! It's also important to realize there is no such thing as the perfect blog, but the next best thing is one that strives to make improvements to better satisfy all visitors! The discussion above focuses on 5 common areas most blogging platforms have that typically can benefit from some minor tweaking! Just remember, the perfect blog is one that continues to evolve in an effort to make the entire blogging experience better for both visitors as well as the administrator!

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