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May 29


carmel brulez

carmel brulez

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Why not work from the comfort of your home, when it suits you, being well paid for it, advising people on their problems... here is your chance


If you fancy becoming a well paid writer forget all about having a book published (most people who want this end up having to forget the idea of self publishing and ending up losing a lot of money). The best way to make sure you get paid to write is to move away from books and articles and become an advice writer instead. You can set up your own advice business or work through an agency,Get Well Paid to Email People Advice Online Articles there is even a special agony aunt letters website, the only one in the World, where you can advertise your skills to potential clients on there. Think about how you can help others, use your skills, problem solve, be respected and admired and earn well in the comfort of your home. Part time or full time, choosing your hours. How does this work?

You either set up your own website - there are big downsides to this idea, the cost of a good website which is interactive is high, and it costs money each and every week to keep online, it costs more if you want people to make sure it is found in google. This is why so many people prefer to leave all of that expense, hassle and time to others, and simply sign onto such a website and make it clear to readers and potential customers and clients that they are there ready to help them on such and such terms and for such and such a price. You can take payments through pay pal, a safe and secure way for both you and them.

What does the client want and what do you do? The client emails you with their problem... this might be something like "hi, I am very unhappy with my boyfriend, I need good advice about this please, he is blah blah, and so on". Once the client has paid for your time and skills you email them back with their reply. You have now completed the service they paid for. If they want to email you again for a follow up they pay again as it would be very unfair on you and silly of you to give them a follow up for free.

Becoming an online agony aunt is a safe way to work online, nobody knows the address you live at, your home etc. There is no chance that some peculiar person will turn up on your doorstep! You can even use a false name for when you work, like a professional, stage or pen name. So that nobody can work out who you are.

People from all over the World would be able to write to you and use your services, then recommend others if they are happy with you, your clientele can grow and grow, how busy you get is totally up to you and dependent totally on how quick, reliable and skilled you are.

A good agony aunt website such as the one I mentioned earlier would even give you tips and explain this further to you, so that you can be totally in the picture and sure of what you are doing, with no doubts, no confusion.

A lot of people aspire to be a writer, many of them dream of it for years. The truth is that those who want to write fiction are often not gifted enough in the imagination department, or their grammar and spelling are not good enough, and those who aspire to write factual accounts, articles and books lack the knowledge required too. There are loads of people out there desperately wanting to be recognised as and well paid to write, some due to ego and others due to not wanting to do a menial, boring, badly paid job but needing to pay the bills. None of this means that they are realistic about it. Agents, publishers, newspapers and magazines get flooded with people contacting them nagging them to take them on, so many that they ignore most of them and have to make sure they do not waste valuable time on them. To get chosen and taken seriously you need to be different, by becoming an agony aunt instead of being labelled a writer you are achieving this but still living your dream.

When people send an agony aunt questions they are worried, they are confused and uncertain, they may be sad or worse, some may be suicidal, it is a huge responsibility to be there for them. People appreciate this and expect to remunerate you for your time and skills. When you ask an agony aunt for help you are reaching out for a life changing experience. The advice columnist you reach out to realises this and takes their work seriously. Some who do this online are teachers, new age therapists, doctors, counsellors, ministers, social workers, some are part time or full time and work as professional psychics, people who are used to listening, being calm, rational, non judgmental, understanding, patient and working out solutions to things and have probably heard it all before.... others are in well paid responsible professions such as lawyers, accountants, but there are also the ones who do not work at all otherwise or never had a job before, have no qualifications or skills other than their ability to write and use common sense, logic and good old fashioned wisdom to work out the answers to the agony aunt questions they get.

For those who are not into religion or particularly spiritual it is a good idea to ask an agony aunt online for advice when worried. For those who are spiritual or into the tarot cards, crystal ball, palmistry etc it might be a good idea to consult what is known as a clairvoyant or psychic advice columnist. There are some very well established readers online who work as advisors as well as doing readings, it is becoming more and more common for people to contact such people for counselling and guidance rather than just predictions. Beth Shepherd the psychic comes to mind. The well established advice columnists usually work for a newspaper or magazine, some end up on television or radio, but it is becoming more and more popular for people to consult an agony aunt for advice so I am sure that eventually there will be well known people who are well respected as online advice columnists but who work individually doing one to one consultations for clients in private rather than writing for a newspaper or magazine.

Clients often prefer the private and confidential reply. It is quicker, it is more private and they get a superior reply. Those who advise through magazines and newspapers are often so snowed under with people wanting their advice for free that they cannot give each problem more than a few moments, write something very quickly, perhaps just sending a link to a website rather than giving a full and fulfilling reply. It is not uncommon for a reply from such an advisor to take a month or more which is bad news for anyone who is very worried and very tense about something, it can be awful for a person who is longing for a reply about a problem where they need to make a big decision. And a lot can change in a month! Perhaps if they do not hurry with it things can go disastrously wrong and beyond repair.

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