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Writing and getting published is one of the marketing strategies – if you sell something on the internet, your site should be in permanent competition for the higher page rank among major search engines: google, msn, yahoo.  In this small article we would like to share our tactics with you

1.       Submission sites.  There are various criteria,Guest Posting consider these: if media portal is current (meaning that they are actively reviewing submitted news on the daily basis – some sites might be no longer active, but still high in the ranking, due to their past achievements); if media portal shows good rank on your competitors articles (you can try your keywords in google and see if your potential media partner shows results on the first pages); it is good idea to check media portal page rank, however sometimes this parameter is misleading.  Here we do not want to recommend one sites over others, just try these keywords in search engine: submit article

2.       News architecture.  It is often over and undervalued.  Our opinion is – you should try to compile good news headline, where you naturally place your keyword and some original words to make it look like a normal human sentence or headline.  In the body of your news, try to support your targeted keywords set, but do not be too “technical” – the article should be smooth for beginners in your field as well

3.       Linking Strategy – read as community work.  When you publishing your materials, it is good idea to think about contributing to the community of your product users through educating them in the specific aspects of the products.  Linking strategy is obviously behind the scenes as also important, however if you do decent education work, other websites will give you reasonable number of complimentary links

4.       Howe many media partners.  This question is difficult to answer.  The problem lays in the fact that search engines do not guarantee, that one specific trusted media site will always be producing top results.  We believe that search engines use randomization mechanisms to show the most demanding keywords queries results.  So, if you publish on, let’s say ten sites, then your material will be distributed to approximately one hundred sites, as sites practice syndication – then the chances are very high that you will get couple of lines on the first page

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