Summary of Ephesians

May 10


Max Weber

Max Weber

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The most important basic component of the written New Testament’s tradition is the manuscripts of letters – epistles, authorship of which scientists connect with the names of apostles and the addressees were the first Christian communities – “churches”, - which were situated in different parts of Roman empire.


The apostles were like the leaders or teachers of those communities. Different historical events,Summary of Ephesians Articles data about the activity of the first churches and all Acts of the apostles were fixed in the written form. This oral and written material was used as a basis for genre formation of the New Testament Holy Scriptures in I – in the beginning of II century of A.D. in the early Christian society. Later these Holy Scriptures became a basis of the Church Biblical Canon of New Testament.

In 50-60-s the material of apostles’ epistles was formed, in these letters apostles were like the religious and ethical teachers, the first Christian theologians. Some of the “Epistles” (Books) are considered, because of the time of their formation, the New Testament Biblical works. Some of the “Epistles” were written later in 70-90-s of I century. Among these works scientists mark out the most numerous group, the author of which, traditionally, is considered the apostle Paul. Among the most ancient works of Paul – “Galatians”, “Romans”, “Corinthians”.

The apostle Paul was Jewish; according to his education he was a scribe. From the very first days of his existence he was a real oppressor of the Christians, but then he was miraculously converted to Christianity. There are a lot of different opinions according to the authorship of Paul’s Epistles. Some scientists consider that the apostle Paul wrote only four or five Books (Romans, Galatians, Corinthians, Ephesians).

Many of the Christian theologians have doubts as to the presents of God spirit in his works and as to the Paul’s authorship.

Saul was the main participant of beating up Stephen with stones (quite widespread way of execution of robbers, trumps in ancient Jerusalem) and the main inspirer of Christian persecutions, though he was supposed to become one of the most impetuous Jesus Christ’s disciples with a course of time.

Paul (Saul) was born in Tars in 10 or 12 year A. D. As the custom of that time dictated, his name was converted into Latin one “Paul”. His kin, as every decent and ancient Jewish kin, belonged to Pharisaical party. Paul was brought up in religious way of this sect.

Jewish-pharisees rarely went to secular educational institutes. The most famous and respectful in Tars were rhetoric schools, where classical Greek was taught. It’s unbelievable that Paul, who had taken lessons there, could be able to write in such a poor, incorrect language, so different from Hellenic in its speech patterns. But so all of his “Epistles” were written. Paul exclusively belongs to Jewish culture. That is why all his works can be compared rather with ancient Jewish religious tradition than with Ancient Greek philosophy. His style is full of sharp moves from one theme to another, which interrupt the thoughts he tries to express. His extracts are separated from each other and they express different ideas. Texts of his works are not solid.

Ephes – is one of the most famous cities of Asia Minor, it is situated on the bank of Caistr River. For a long time Ephes was the adornment and religious center of Asia and it was famous by its very beautiful temple of Diana. In 54 the apostle Paul arrived to the city and began his sermon in the Judaic synagogue. After his sermon many of people began to believe in the principles of Christianity, I mean, they were converted to Christianity. Some people of Ephes were given the Holy gift of prophecy. His sermon in Ephes was continued during three years and it was accompanied with different miracles.

In this period Paul wrote his first epistle (Corinthians). After his sermon many people left their old religion (some cult of Diana) and were converted to Christianity, but there were many unsatisfied people, because some men earned money from the selling of statues of Diana and others things of the cult.

Book (Epistle) of Ephesians consists of the six chapters. It was written by the apostle Paul almost in the same time as the Book of Colossians, when he was arrested in Rome for the first time. This Book (epistle) was sent to the Ephesians with Tikhic, who was very devoted servant of God.

In this Book Paul, with his heart full of love to God, presents Christianity as the greatest wisdom, the source of which is the expiation of sins through believing in Jesus Christ. According to its content, it can be divided into two parts: about dogmas (I – III) and about morals (IV – VI). The content and style of the Book of Ephesians are very exalted and edifying.

The apostle Paul was very unpleasant to those people in Ephes, who believed in ancient gods, but there was a long sermon of Paul about the statement that people did not love their gods, but they loved only money, silver and gold.

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