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The stories and articles you can write about are only limited by your imagination, ingenuity and persistence. And your ability to dig deep into and write well about a potentially good story or article can make you a published writer.

You can write about many things and here are a fewof them:

YOUR LIFE! No two people on earth have had the exact experiences. Each of us goes through life and experience things which are unique only to ourselves. Your life experiences are fodder for good personal experience articles. To start writing this type of article,Guest Posting brainstorm about unusual, unique, scary or even dangerous events you have experienced. From your list, think of an angle or an interesting way you can present your experience.

I'LL TEACH YOU HOW TO! Do you have a special talent, skill or knowledge? Why not write instructional articles based on those? This type of articles are commonly known as how-to articles and are regularly published in magazines because of their popularity to readers. How-to articles are usually written in a step-by-step manner, using bullet or number lists.

PROFILES! Personality profiles or sketches feature subjects who are more or less famous people -- celebrities, sports heroes, politicians, or someone who is recognized in his/her field. For profile articles, look within your community (town, city, state, region) and see if you can find and interview local celebrities. Usually, profiles are in the form of Q&A so you only need to come up with interesting questions for your subject. You can then submit your profile article to your community paper or regional paper.

INSPIRATIONALS! Articles that inspire, motivate and/or move people to tears or laughter fall under this category. Religious or secular articles are also forms of inspirational articles. If you're new to writing, submitting inspirational pieces for church or religious magazines is a good way to break into the writing and publishing field.

JAUNTS! Travel articles appeal to practically everyone, even to those who have never traveled. Have you been someplace where you found the sights, customs, food, habits, or culture different and interesting? If you travel frequently, start taking down notes of where the best places to stay are, where the interesting sights can be found, where to stay, and how to get to those places. Keep a travel notebook and log your travels. Write your impressions of places, people and cultures.

SPECIAL INTERESTS! Some special interest subjects are parenting, child nutrition, home and garden, and health. There are certainly thousands of publications that cater to special interest subjects. If you have been gardening for years, you can write articles for gardening enthusiasts. Specialize on your area of interest and over time, you will establish yourself as an expert in that area.

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