What Is the Perfect Structure of Finance Dissertation and How to Write It?

Dec 20


Mandy Lowe

Mandy Lowe

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The article gives detailed information on the ideal structure of finance dissertation as it has an important contribution in improvising grades. This is a support for students looking for finance dissertation help.


Dissertation writing is mandatory in academics. This paper has great significance in graduate or post-graduate finance program. This is because a dissertation is an abstract of what you have learned in your academics. It is a formal way to communicate what you know and you idea on a topic in academics. Finance dissertation paper is not like an essay or assignment that you write in different semesters. It is a much vital paper for those who want to join the field of research,What Is the Perfect Structure of Finance Dissertation and How to Write It? Articles academics, or take a job. Yes, finance dissertation help is available for those who need assistance, but it is better to learn how to write this.

A lot of finance students write dissertation, where many fail to score expected grades, because either they fail to write dissertations with proper planning that is giving sufficient time, thought, research, to writing task or they do not follow the proper structure of a dissertation. The second case is more prevalent because often students fail to follow the structure of a dissertation which is important for presenting their ideas clearly.

So the question is, how to structure a finance dissertation and what is the best structure for the same. Get answers to all these questions below.

What Should You Include in Your Dissertation?

Just like an essay, assignment or research paper, the dissertation also has a structure to follow. When you are writing a finance dissertation, there is also a structure that you should work on. However, there is a possibility of leaving one or two fields. The basic structure of a dissertation comprises of following fields.

  • Title page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Synopsis
  • Tables and Figures List
  • Glossary
  • Introduction
  • Theoretical framework
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List
  • Appendices

A dissertation starts from the title page, this page comprises of basic details like student’s name, institution name, degree program, date of submission, etc. There is a proper format for the same that you receive from your professor, so nothing to worry about. Till the glossary part, the content remains general, which you can easily write.

The main content begins from the introduction part. Nevertheless, all the fields above introduction are also important as they create your first impression. You should minutely follow the shared guidelines and work on the same to deliver a high-scoring dissertation.

Coming to the finance dissertation introduction, it is the first and most important part of the write-up. Most professors start grading your dissertation from this point. They start making the perception of your dissertation in terms of how interesting, effective and strong it is.

The next part is the literature review. In this part of the dissertation, you should present a clear view of your research. Here you should introduce and analyze models and concepts that frame your research.

The methodology is the part where you present how you have conducted the entire research.

The result is the next section where you present the findings of your dissertation. In some disciplines report and discussion sections are kept separate, while in some two are joined. So, you need to check with your professor what is the case with finance dissertation.

After the result, comes the discussion. This section presents the meaning and implication of your research result about the research question. This is the most important and elaborated section in a dissertation. The section provides the complete freedom to write about your dissertation objective, discuss its outcomes, present arguments with supporting facts and figures.

After discussion, the next sections are the conclusion, reference list, appendices. By now, you must be aware of what these sections are and how to write it, so we are not discussing about the same here.

At last, each section of a dissertation is important and you should attempt them carefully. Do the proofreading and editing of the document. Although it is not the section of dissertation, however, it is a crucial step in submitting an error-free dissertation to professors.

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