Writing Effective Article Resource Boxes

Oct 12


TJ Philpott

TJ Philpott

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Driving traffic to your online business by using article marketing is a highly effective means to attract targeted visitors. What really makes this technique work is a well thought out and worded resources box. Read more to discover the 3 key components you need to include in your resource box when writing articles for publication online.


Writing effective resource boxes is a key component to your article marketing efforts if you submit articles online to generate traffic. Writing articles is one of the most effective and fool proof ways to market anything online. Knowing how to write articles however is only part of what you will need to know if you want this type of marketing technique to work for you. Of equal importance is the accompanying resource box you submit with each article you write.

Do not let the abbreviated size of your resource box fool you into thinking it is not significant. After people finish reading articles online they see your resource box which is essentially a 'short story' about you and what it is you may be promoting. In most cases this is the ONLY opportunity you have to promote yourself and your online business. If this box is not effective the reader will NOT continue on to your site resulting in an article that was written and published in vain.

Let's look at the 3 key components you will want to be contained in your resource box.


When people are reading articles they like it is only natural that they would want to know a little about the author. The first portion of your resource box does just that. Here is where you tell the reader a little about who you are or what your experience may be as it pertains to what it is you are promoting.

For example you may have a certain amount of training or experience in a particular field that is related to any product or service you may be marketing. Keep this portion brief and to the point using 2 sentences at the maximum

Call to Action

Here is where you will 'entice' the reader with only the benefits of the product or service you are representing. Choose the most outstanding benefit and 'dangle' it in front of the reader in such a way as to get them curious enough to check out your site.

For instance you may say 'get instant relief from your nagging back pain' if the product is targeting people with back problems. And finish it with 'telling' them to visit your site for more details.

Now do not go overboard here and make outlandish claims or statements that are not true,Writing Effective Article Resource Boxes Articles simply emphasize the chief benefit. Also be sure to clearly instruct them to do what it is you want them to do such as in this case you want them to click on your link and visit your website.

Once again limit this 'message' to one sentence if you can but keep it very brief.

Use of AnchorText

You will want to be sure that your primary keyword is used in the title of the article. You then want to use this same keyword in your resource box and hyperlink it to your website. This allows the search engines to more easily find your article and index it for that particular word or phrase.

An example would be a product for a strong back. Your keyword may be 'strong back' and you can use this as such; to learn more on how to get a 'strong back' visit my URL.

Hopefully you understand how important writing effective resource boxes are to your article marketing efforts. Writing articles to generate traffic can be very effective but in reality knowing how to write articles is only half the battle. After you submit articles to various directories the only connection that exists between the article and the business you are promoting is your resource box. In just a few sentences you are giving a summary of who you are, what your business is and why the reader would want to visit your website. By including the 3 key components we reviewed above in the manner discussed you can accomplish the intended objective of your resource box. The end result will be a targeted flow of traffic to your online business.