5 Easy Steps to Commercial Printing

Nov 28


Vicky K. Russell

Vicky K. Russell

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Here are five tips to commercial printing to put in your checklist the next time you hire a commercial printing company.


If there is just one thing all people love it’s convenience,5 Easy Steps to Commercial Printing Articles because this ultimately makes for fewer headaches and more time saved in a day. After all, things seem much simpler when everything is already arranged and when one just has to follow the path dictated. Thus, in an effort to make your commercial printing ventures hassle-free for both you and your commercial printing company, here are five easy steps to follow whenever you wish to get some commercial printing done. Just cross each item off the list when you get done with it, and soon you’ll have in your hands some freshly-printed bookmarks, business cards, flyers, and whatever printing product suits your needs.

Research. A bit of research is necessary if you want quality prints. Commercial printing is not like convenience stores where one snickers bar is just the same as a snickers bar in the other stores. You will have to establish a few things to start with, like what kind of printing product you need, what you will use it for, and how much you are willing to pay for it. Doing your homework will make everything easier for you, especially with the next step.

Choose. Commercial printing is an undertaking that involves a lot of choices. First you will pick a commercial printing company to do business with, and even this alone can be tough to get right. Aside from this, you will also choose a product(s) to print, finalize a design, specify the dimensions of the finished product, determine the best printing technique you need, set the deadline for delivery, and many other such choices. Fortunately, you will have your commercial printer to assist you with all of these decisions, and if you accomplished step 1 and chose a reliable commercial printer, this step will not be as tough as you expect.

Proofread. Proofs may be given as actual prints or as electronic proofs, but whatever they are, make sure to check them thoroughly. Proofs give you a glimpse on what the final products will look like, and if you slack off in inspecting them, chances are you will not be as happy as you can be with the prints that you will receive. There’s nothing wrong with making some improvements right before printing the entire batch; in fact, it’s a must.

Wait. After sending off your requests to the commercial printer, there is nothing else to do but wait until the time and date you set for the delivery. There are some commercial printing companies that have an online tracker which lets you know of the progress of your prints, and if you’re the type to check on something again and again, these companies are for you.

Receive and Repeat. When you receive your prints, check if the batch is good and the commercial printing transaction will be finished. And if you liked what you received, then you may want to become a regular with the commercial printer and repeat the process all over again.

Here are five steps to commercial printing to put in your checklist the next time you hire a commercial printing company. With any luck, you’ll be a master at commercial printing in no time.

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