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Apr 8


Rodney Lackay

Rodney Lackay

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The Million Dollar Homespace site is a 'new' addition to online advertising strategies and created with a primary focus on online publishers.


This site was created by 24 year old entrepreneur and blogger,Advertise on Million Dollar Homespace NOW Articles Rynaldo Stoltz, and despite the fact that The Million Dollar Homespace just made it's appearance, it's already making news.

Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising a year, when you could 'invest' in something with the exact same effect for less? At the same time, you also get to be part of something truely unique, you get to support a good cause and you gain maximum exposure over the coming years.

The Million Dollar Homespace is considered to be a great investment, or should i say advestment for serious online publishers, and if you would like to read more about this and how it works, please go to Million Dollar Homespace.

This site is said to have great benefits in the short and long run of things and we request your help in making this a success.

Quick Fact :

As you will see, we have a total of 2000 ad unit spaces available. This means, we only need 2000 'lucky' people to become part of this ! 2000 people out of millions and billions of people - is this too much to ask ? Come on people !!!

Final Words

Ask yourself these questions :

Would you like to be part of something with great potential and own a piece of internet history?

Are you serious about online publishing?

Would you like to save money on the long run?

Would you like to support a good cause through it all?

Then become part of this and claim your piece of 'internet history space' today !