Can non-white people such as darker Africans & Asian Races Get Skin Cancer Too!

Oct 23


Moana Korikalo

Moana Korikalo

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Did you know that your skin color could....?

Anyone can get skin cancer no matter your type of skin color or age.

However people who spend a lot of time in sun are 100% sure to have what we called skin cancer.

In reality fair skinned people who spend a lot of time in the sun are chief candidates for this type of cancer.

That is why,Can non-white people such as darker Africans & Asian Races Get Skin Cancer Too! Articles this cancer is more common in western populations than in Indians, who are primarily a dark skinned race.

It is also common amongst albinos who lack the genetic make up to form melanin. Hence albinos are extremely fair, and even their hair is usually a mousy brown or even blonde, inclusive of their eyebrows and eyelashes. These people, if exposed to extreme sunlight, are very prone to develop skin cancer.

The truth is we can all get skin cancer but a dark skin colored people has a smaller percentage of developing skin cancer because of the melanin in them unlike the fairer skinned people. To avoid skin cancer we need to take of our skin by always covering up our bodies in extreme sunlight and apply sunscreen. Unfortunately you may happen to find a spot or lump on the skin. This may become a sore or an ulcer which hardly heal and bleeds readily on touch, but maybe absolutely painless. However the sore grow rapidly to a extent where it bleeds and cause pains. The color of the skin is change as the spot starts to grow more dangerous. A product called CURADERM BEC5 found on Curaderm BEC5 is a natural tropical prepared cream from the devils apple produced by Dr. Bill Chams. It has been medically proven hospitals such as The Royal London Hospital, University of Wales College of Medicine, Leicester Royal Infirmary and many years. It has been researched on for more than 20years thus makes it safe and effective. See and Read more on:

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