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It is quite simple to make calendars, in fact you can easily find an online calendar creator and start making one. 

It is quite simple to create calendars,Guest Posting in fact you can easily find an online calendar creator and start making one.  It is finding the printers that do custom calendars and prints dazzling results that are the problem.  Here are a few tips to get you by calendar printing:

1. Find your focus market Have you thought of your target market yet? Have a certain focus so your prints are well done and will be used.  While most people will use wall calendars, certain people like those that stay at home, may just throw away calendars that are small or desk types because they do not have need for it.  So think about who you want to give it to.

2. Choose your type of calendar

a. Desk calendars b. Wall calendars c. Poster calendars d. Planner calendars e. Note card calendars f. Booklet calendars g. Desktop tent calendars h.   Fridge magnet calendars

3. Calculate approximately your number of prints If budget or cash is not really a problem, focus on your target market and estimate just how many they actually are.  It is best to add a few additional prints just in case you may require more or you underestimate the number of your target.  It best to print more than less.  When it comes to advertising, more is better because with more calendars you will be able to get to more users.

4. Calendar year Are you sure you are printing the correct calendar year? Should you make a mistake, people will not use it once they discover it so make sure that before printing everything is in the right day and week.  Printers can help you with this.

5. Include Pictures For calendars like wall calendars and desk calendars, they require you adding pictures.  Choose pictures that highly reflect your company or what you want to convey.  Remember that what you put in the calendar changes (positively or negatively) people’s perception of you.

6. Do you need text? It is a calendar after all so try not to put too much text except for motivating words, quotes or your contact information.  Keep everything to a minimum.

7. Color Scheme Find colors that entice the senses; one that attracts people to use it because it goes well with desks or wall.  Make sure your calendars are elegant.  Avoid bright or neon colors that easily detracts viewers.

8. Paper and Boards Pick a paper that is high in substance (thickness) and quality.  Calendars will be a mix of papers and boards so choose everything of good quality.

9. Gloss it There are certain calendars that may need gloss for additional protection so carefully choose the right one.  Calendars like booklets or desks calendars are highly suggested not to use gloss as people normally use it to jot down notes and reminders.

10. Extras anyone? Maybe you could include spaces for people to write in their thoughts or reminders?  Perhaps you can even add moon phases which will be greatly useful for fishermen, moon enthusiasts and may be even werewolves.

How you pick certain parts of your custom calendars greatly affects the perception of people to your company so make sure all those perceptions are good ones.  Calendar printing is one of the most used printing services before the start of every year so make sure you are ready.

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