Create Easy Product Handbooks

Jul 20


Irene Thompson

Irene Thompson

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Here are a few vital points you can focus on when making this easy to do product handbooks.


Product Handbooks are available just about anywhere.  Creating these media materials must be done well.  Carefully draft your handbook before going out and finding the best serviHere are a few vital points you can focus on when creating this easy to do product handbooks:

1) Compile
put together all the products you want to see in the handbooks.  It is important that
you do this in a methodological manner so when you need to place them in the   design of the handbook so it won’t be so confusing.

2) Look for pictures
pictures are everything so make sure your photographs look extra professional.  Remember lighting,Create Easy Product Handbooks Articles perspective, colors are important.  Ask other people what they think of the pictures to get a different eye to look at it.  It might be best if you get a photographer to take your pictures professionally.  Professionals would know how to highlight the assets of the products making it more enticing to other people.

3) Draft your text
Be careful what you write about your products.  Make sure what you write is not copied from somewhere else and has no grammar mistakes.  Remember that the handbook will be accessed by the public so having your own wordings and product info is very good so you won’t get into trouble just in case a competition reads it.  Your text must focus greatly on your product and nothing else.  Avoid lengthy paragraphs and include only information that is important and that sums up all information about that particular product.

4) Look for printers
The most important thing for your handbook is to look for are professional printers.  Things to look for in a good printer: reliability, on time delivery, impeccable print quality and great customer service.

5) Look for a designer
You are lucky if printers have an in – house designer you can make use of.  Designers are important specially if you will be printing something important to sell something like your product booklet.

6) Book binding techniques
There are various book binding techniques available with printers, so make sure to ask what suits your handbook.

7) Lamination
To protect your covers and your pages, it is advisable to have the paper or board laminated or glossed.  That way it protects your project and gives you a longer life.

8) Colors
Colors make all the prints vibrant and pleasing to the eye.  Try to read up on Color Psychology as well, that way people will be enticed to read your

9) Fonts
Fonts must be clear and readable.  Using fonts that have too much designs might not get the fancy of most individuals so try using the simpler easy to read fonts available in your printers.  Remember the simpler the better.

10) Sizes
Depending on the number of products you will be including in the handbook, the size of your book should be chosen well.  It should accommodate but not squeeze in all the products in the handbook.  If you want your handbook to be handy and carried around everywhere try using smaller sizes and avoid the bulky ones.

Handbooks printing are a great way to showcase all your companies’ products in one book.  Product Handbooks must share all the vital information your products possess but must not be too lengthy and boring to read.