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Like postcard printing, poster printing also has its fair share of frequently asked questions by its customers.

Just like postcard printing,Guest Posting poster printing also has its fair share of frequently asked questions by its customers. While poster printing is under the umbrella of commercial printing along with the other printing services, there are still some unique aspects to it that cannot be answered when talking about commercial printing alone. You won’t always need some cheap postcards for your marketing, and there will definitely be times when you are going to need some posters for one reason or another, and for these situations it would be good for you to already have the basic knowledge on what you need. Thus, here are some frequently asked questions on poster printing that you would want to have answered.

What is the difference between full color posters and black and white posters? Well, nothing and everything, if you want the vague and unhelpful answer that people always use. More accurately, though, it would be better to say that it depends on how you make use of the color. If you can create good and effective designs with either colored prints or black and white prints, then it would not matter either way and the only difference would be a certain discrepancy in cost. In terms of effectiveness, though, this one is entirely up to how good you are or your designer in creating art and effective publicity images. Color is simply a tool that you would use for your marketing purposes, and it does not follow that just because a poster is colored, it is already better than a black and white poster.

How do I design my poster? This is the usual dilemma of a first-timer in poster making. There are many different things to know when designing a poster including designing and editing software, poster dimensions, resolutions, colors, and many other things. Poster printing is easy once you get the hang of it, but for your first time you may want to get some help and tips from someone who has done it before. The real “how” of poster designing cannot be explained in a simple paragraph, though, so a general answer to this would be to get a tutor, the proper design software, and the proper motivation to design a good poster.

How long will my posters last? The good thing with posters is that they last a significantly longer time than flimsy flyers, bookmarks, and especially some custom photo postcards and full color postcards, mostly because posters are meant to be placed on a wall or a window and stay there for a long period of time. Some commercial printing companies would boast of their posters lasting a couple of decades up to about seventy years before the posters start losing color and fading. You do not really need to look for posters that would last a hundred years, though, because no poster can stay relevant and fresh for such a long period of time.

It is your job as a good commercial printing customer to ask the right questions, whether for postcard printing or for poster printing. After all, there are some things such as quick turnaround time and quality print design that holds these things together, and while the questions above are mostly aimed for poster printing, there is nothing that will stop you from tweaking them in order to relate to cheap postcards, business cards, or flyers.

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