Geo-Targeting Tips and Best Practices For Effective Dental PPC Ads

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In this article I have given Geo-Trageting tips and best practices for effective dental PPC ads.

Geo-targeting means targeting people in locations that are most likely to avail your services. Your dental practice may have a presence in one location or multiple locations. Nevertheless,Guest Posting advertising to everyone is not a great idea to convert prospects into patients. Reaching out to a mass audience is clearly a waste of budget.

With Google Ads for dentists, you can specify one location or a set of locations. Geo-targeted ads can also be used with other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing. 

Tips for Effective Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting enables more customization in that it can help you narrow down and get highly specific with the target audience. Here are a few tips that you can use to steer PPC marketing for dentists in the right direction. 

Target Locations Where You Are Actually Present 

Dental clinics always attract patients from nearby areas. No patient is going to travel long distances to see a dentist. Make a list of all the locations and get an agency that specializes in PPC for dentists to help you with targeting only those specific locations. Don’t waste your budget on searchers who have nothing to do with your dental services. 

Prioritize Specific Locations

You can also prioritize a few locations and allocate more budget to it if you think those locations have a higher percentage of your target demographics. It is true that all locations are equally important but you can allocate your budget smartly to locations that will contribute more to your revenue. Track the progress of the Google Adwords for dentists campaign and redistribute the budget accordingly for maximum results. 

Create A Separate Landing Page

Geo-targeted ad definitely needs a landing page. A generic site landing page will not appeal to the patients who came looking for information pertaining to a specific location. Match each geo-targeted ad with a separate landing page for higher conversion rates. 

Gain Insights About Patients 

Google Trends tool is the best way to gain valuable insights about the search patterns of patients. You can understand the demand for each service in specific areas from their search patterns. The tool gives results for several keyword searches by country, sub-region, metro or city. Promote specific services in locations with greater demand and leverage your dental online marketing with smart use of PPC ads. 

Change The Default Settings Of Google Ads

There is a default setting in Google Ads that shows your dental ads to people who search for the location. Clearly you want your ads to be shown to people who are looking for dental services in your target location and not simply the location. Go to advanced location options under campaign settings and only select ‘people in my targeted location’ by clicking on edit button. Hiring a dental digital marketing company will help keep your ad account organized.

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