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Despite recent developments in Web 2.0 advertising and marketing Google Adwords remains one of the most effective ways of advertising your product on the internet.

The single most important thing when using Google Adwords is selecting the right keywords. Google provides a free tool that will help you do this so take your time and make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Once you have a list of keywords it is time to write your ad.With Google,Guest Posting you are limited to a 25 character headline  —  including spaces  —  and two, 35 character lines underneath the headline. Yes, it’s very limited space so you’ll have to be judicious.Go back to the list of keyword phrases you wrote down earlier. Your headlines should be those keyword phrases. Here’s the rationale. Someone searches for “how to raise dairy cows”. That’s a very focused search. The person knows what information she needs. She glances through the ads and notices your headline. Amazingly, your headline — How to Raise Dairy Cows—matches her exact search! It’s  a psychological reaction. The first thought that crosses her mind is “how did they know I was looking for that?” However, your headline isn’t the time to pitch your product. If you advertised in a magazine, you would make a lot of assumptions about your readers’ needs. In a search engine, you have the advantage of knowing what your prospects are going to search for before they search. So, the more focused your keywords, the more focused your headlines will be.The following is your step-by-step for effectively using Google Adwords:1. Use targeted keywords in your Goolge Adwords. Searched keywords that appear in your headline will be highlighted in bold. This is a psychological “pull” for searchers.2. Get the most out of your ad. Use each word wisely. Your headline and additional lines are limited by character counts. Remove words like “the”, “an”, “a”, “of”, etc.3. Get searchers’ attention. Eye catching words and phrases should hold their interest. For example “free”, “limited time”, “sale”, “free download”.4. List the benefits of your information. “increase x”, “boost your x”, “sell x now”.5. Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Study competitor ads to see how you can be different. It’s too easy to be different so don’t be lazy on this step.6. Try to weed out the “Lookie Lous”. You pay for clicks whether anyone buys or not. How to do this? List the price. If you offer any thing for free, make sure you get a name an e-mail address in return.7. Motivate the potential prospect. Use motivational words that will “charge” your clients to click and buy.8. Use action phrases the provoke a response. “Sale ends today”, “Buy now and save 70%”.

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