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There is nothing handier during a fun run other than a travel mug holding a freeze-cold water inside. During a rainy morning, you have your thermal mug with you with a hot coffee or hot chocolate inside it. Travel mugs are great as promotional mugs, too, not only because they are very useful, but also because most travel mugs appear trendier than common office mugs.

There are common differences between a travel mug and the usual office mug. Their differences are enumerated below:

1. Covered Top. Travel mugs are usually covered with a tough plastic. This is necessary to avoid spillage. The top cover has a slit,Guest Posting retractable or not, that lets one sip slowly to prevent scalding and dripping. It also protects the beverage inside the mug from dirt or dust. This is especially useful for hot beverages.

2. Thermo Material Construction. Travel promotional mugs that are made of metallic walls. It protects the surface of any furniture were you intend your mug to sit. Plastic bases of travel mugs are especially applicable for the protection of the leather dashboard of a car. 

5. Double Wall Insulation. Most travel mugs are constructed with a double wall insulation to maintain heat and cold. The double wall insulation is made of metallic or tough plastic. 

The common designs for travel mugs are slender and tall, which are often able to hold more volume than the standard promotional mugs. The travel mugs are made as such to fit right inside a travel bag: tall enough for easy reach and slender enough for compressed bag space. A tight cover prevents spillage yet can be opened easily for sipping.  

Travel mugs are perfect promotional items because they offer an alternative to the common office mug. Their spillage-free construction is very useful for use most especially in the office wherein important documents need to be protected from accidental spillage. Their availability in chrome colors such as blue, green and red also make them look trendy and elegant.

Slender and tall, you can easily grasp a travel mug without a hitch while running a fun mile run organized by your company. In such events such as "Run for a Cause," you can expect to find company giving away travel promotional mugs.

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