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The blimps are sure shot head turners. A120 feet blimp will make any person gaze with awe and delight. Thus,Guest Posting you can score your message in the hearts of your potential buyers. If you are involved in any business and want to advertise it, here are some basic advantages of blimps that will help you to enhance your business.

  • The blimps are your flying ambassadors that increase brand awareness.

  • The advertisement on blimps are much more cost effective than any other forms of advertising.

  • Flying advertisements are degrees of freedom.

  • Airships are simpler to control (stays aloft without active control).

  • Airships can hover with little or no power.

  • Even companies with modest budgets can go for blimps. They will give your company a foothold among the corporate giants.

  • The blimps will enlarge your investment to a larger slice by gearing up your sale. You can please your employees and staffs with better incentives. You will please yourself with a fat checkbook.

  • You will delight consumers with healthy visuals with bright blimps and gain a positive reaction from the.

  • The uses of blimps are exclusive and being a user, you will be granted a place beyond the traditional jumble.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of airships as compared to aircraft:

Advantage over the air crafts:

The advantage of airships over airplanes and helicopter is that static lift adequate for flight, which is generated by the lifting gas and requires no engine power. This was a massive advantage before the middle of World War I and remained an advantage for long distance, or long duration operations until World War II. Modern concepts for high altitude airships include photovoltaic cells to reduce the need to land to refuel, thus they can remain in the air until consumables expire or end.

The disadvantages are that an airship has a very large reference area and relatively large drag coefficient, thus a larger drag force compared to that of airplanes and even helicopters. Given the large flat plate area and whetted surface of an airship, a practical limit is reached around 80–100 miles per hour (130–160 km/h). Thus, airships are used where speed is not critical. The altitude at which an airship can fly largely depends on how much lifting gas it can lose due to expansion before stasis is reached.

Modern airships use dynamic helium volume. At sea level altitude, helium only takes up a small part of the hull, while the rest is filled with air. As the airship ascends, the helium inflates with reduced outer pressure, and air is pushed out and released from the downward valve. This allows an airship to reach any altitude with balanced inner and outer pressure if the buoyancy is enough. Some civil aerostats could reach 100,000 ft (30,000 m) without explosion due to overloaded inner pressure. All these above-mentioned advantages make the blimps unique and exclusive for many purposes with the efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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