How to Monetize Your Online Videos Like a Pro

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For many, Video monetization starts and ends with YouTube. But there a lot more to it. In fact there are various video monetization platforms out there that provide users with a large variety of monetization options to exploit.

When it comes to video,Guest Posting youTube is the biggest but definitely not the only video monetization platform out there. The fact is:: as a video publisher you do have some excellent choices. And that includes an innovative new strategy from none other than your very own Adngin team. JIf you don’t have the patience for surprises, we’ll forgive you if you jump down to #78 on the list for a sneak peak. There you can to see what we have for you to try.

People continue to cancel their cable subscriptions. They’re replacingIn the meantime, there’s a big reason for this video craze. High speed Internet and smartphones are making sure each year people are consuming less TV content, and replacing all that lost watching timeit with much more online video. And this is a massive opportunity for video publishers. So think about the resulting surge in online video demand. It’s not surprising that we’re seeing all kinds of different video monetization platforms develop.


There’s also new kinds of content too. With this explosion of online video demand, we’re also seeing all kinds of different video monetization strategies emerge… and new kinds of content. If you thought the kids making major money with Minecraft videos were cool..., did you hear about the Korean teens who do “Meok Bang” shows? We’ll save you the Googling. They broadcast themselves via live streaming while they are eating their dinner alone. And it’s paying off in a big way.

This not another list of video monetization platforms because at AdNgin we have the publishers’ concerns in mind. We know that monetizing videos is one of those concerns. But a constant supply of quality video content is even more difficult. That’s why we included a few video monetization platforms that also provide contextualized content.

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