Literature Stands For Floor and Walls

Jan 18


John Rowbotham

John Rowbotham

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Handing out literatures at retail stores or coming across literature stands in over the counter shops as in medical shops, goods stores and travel agencies are a common sight in today’s world of aggressive advertising campaigns.

Literature or display stands come in various shapes and sizes depending on the need of the product and where to place them. So it is obvious that end users with rigid display stands will find it very hard to accommodate if the sizes keep changing. Therefore,Literature Stands For Floor and Walls Articles it is evident that literature or display stands have to be able to hold mixed sizes. Literature stands of mixed sizes can be of various types. Basic of them would be two types of stands, one for the floor and other for the walls. It would all depend on the space of business on which of the two stands would be helpful in optimizing space and exposure.

Literature stands for the floor:
The floor literature or display stands for mixed size literature are found in the most versatile types. These mixed literature or display stands can be assembled, designed, created or redesigned in a variety of manners. This can help the businessman a lot of flexibility in deciding his interior design without having to compromise in the basic need of dispensing the literature.

Why and when to go for floor literature stands?
One of the very basic decisions a client must make is whether he wants a stand on the floor or he would like to have it as a table top or card folded. The standing floor literature or display stands can be needed if there is a lot of floor space provided. But, in case of large open spaces when a lot of literature has to be presented, floor literature stands are impractical. This is because a lot of rows and columns will be created, which can become inconvenient for the customers to move about. The very basic nature of the floor literature is to save space. But spaces like empty corners and bland openings or even a bit outside the establishment, where a lot of space is in the hot spot but remain useless, floor literature stands can be fully effective.

Literature stands for the wall:
The wall literature stands can be used in varied types of requirements. Even nowadays, a wall literature stand was used as a comic book stand and another as a wall magazine. Wall literature or display stands can be remodeled into various other products of similar nature with little modifications. For example very easily they can be turned into dispensers. It can easily adapt itself to different surroundings can execute required needs. The decision to place the wall literature stand is very vital for the exposure of the product. It has to be well thought of; whether the stand would be big and all covering or would be minimal at eye-height. The available wall space has to be scrutinized at a macro level, and a space has to be identified as the centre of attraction. The next step would be how to arrange the multiple collections of literature stands in that particular given area. The wall display stands have to be absolutely transparent. In this way the customer would virtually see only the literature against the background color of the wall. One must always remember, not only in the case of wall literature stands, in any kind of stands, the stand itself should grab the least attention. Its job is to make the literature or display stand out.