A Complete Guide on How to Write a Literature Review Outline

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Literature review is one of the most critical parts of a writing. Literature review is a scholarly paper including the present knowledge comprising of essential findings,Guest Posting together with contributions of methods and theory towards a specific topic. There are secondary sources that are included in literature review, and they do not present original experimental work.

Writing a literature review is not an easy task. However, if a few steps are kept in mind then it can become a smooth flow that would feel like a cakewalk.

First Step: Deciding on the research area:

Prior to starting the search for books and articles, it should be decided in advance about the areas that will be researched upon. It should be ensured that chosen books and articles cover the chosen areas, which should not be deviated from. This area of research should be well thought about and it should be tried to be stuck to.

Second Step: Searching for the literature:

Carrying out an all-inclusive bibliographic research of articles as well as books in the area of research. It is a good idea to conduct reading the abstracts of various articles as they give an overview of what it includes. The ones that suit the research best should be selected and used and cited appropriately. After the online research, library should be searched to trace the books that are pertinent and then read them. It is advised that a particular time frame is set as to till when you will finish your search. In an ideal situation, it should take two to three steadfast sessions.

Third Step: Trace pertinent extracts in the chosen articles and books:

Flick through every book’s and article’s content and seek the following aspects particularly - claims, findings, as well as conclusions regarding the paradigms being investigated by you, the definitions of different terms, what all calls for studies of follow-up in relation to the project, gaps that are observed in the literature, and divergence regarding the paradigms being investigated. At the time of skimming through, when any of these five things are found, it is advisable to type the relevant excerpt in a Word document. Here, there is no need to summarize, as it may take a longer time. It is important here to note down the author’s name and page number. This should be repeated for all of the books and articles available in the chosen list and once it is complete, this file should be printed.

Fourth Step: Literature should be coded:

Make cut outs of every excerpt that has been put in this file. Then, find the ones with similar topic and sort them together. Here, the main themes should be figured out. They should be piled together in sets with one common theme.

Fifth Step: Creation of Conceptual Schema:

The coded theme names should be typed in large font. Then find the best way that they can be organized. Then analyze the context and see if the ideas go well with one another or they contradict. The idea is to make sense through organizing these codes.

Sixth Step: Commence Literature Review Writing:

Here, one of the conceptual schema should be chosen to get started. Starting can be made with any one because we have already organized it. By making use of the mini-conceptual schema, the literature review should be written on the basis of the excerpts available to you. Here, it is important to cite while the writing is progressing.

Lastly, the entire literature review should be read through and any deviations from the standard flow should be corrected. Once it is proof read, the literature review is ready.

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