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Mar 11


Anik Khan

Anik Khan

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Canadian Online pharmacyis a phenomenon that has emerged in recent years. A brief summary of what is meant by the word online pharmacy is usually...


Canadian Online pharmacyis a phenomenon that has emerged in recent years. A brief summary of what is meant by the word online pharmacy is usually a web shop or website where you can buy medicines. It can work in different ways and impose varying degrees of requirements on the person who acts on them.Give visitors the opportunity to make doctor visits or consult via the Internet as well as get the drugs printed and sent home.

How the online pharmacy conducts its operations can differ between different players. Some are pharmacies in Canada or other countries that also sell their products online,Online pharmacy - Buy Prescription Drugs online Articles others are businesses that have a registered office in other countries or in EU but conduct their main online sales. Others act as brokers who collaborate with a network of pharmacies to make the products they sell online.

The majority of all online pharmacies mainly sell the category of medicines that can be called lifestyle medicines. This category usually includes potent remedies, anti-hair loss agents, slimming agents and more. However, there are exceptions, some online pharmacies sell a much broader range of medicines.


What is required of the customer
What requirements are placed on the customer to shop can differ greatly between different online pharmacies. Generally speaking, no special buying process is required to  Buy  prescription drugs online. Because it varies which medicines are prescription from country to country, it may differ which drugs are listed as prescription-free. A general principle is that the rules that apply in the country where the online pharmacy is registered which determine which prescriptions are non-prescription and can be listed as non-prescription by the online pharmacy.

If an online pharmacy sells a prescription drug in the country the business is operating in, it does not automatically mean that it cannot be a problem to order it. Which medications are classified as prescription-free and prescription-only  play a big role. In unfortunate cases, the medicine can be stopped in customs and counted as the illegal introduction of drugs.

How different online pharmacies handle differences in rules between different countries can be different from online pharmacies:

  1. Many ignore the rules and allow you to take the consequences, such as the customs seizure or, in rare cases, to bring charges of illegal drug importation
  2. Other online pharmacies sell prescription drugs if you can submit an approved prescription to them
  3. The online pharmacy offers an online consultation with a doctor. If you are approved by the consultation, the medicine will be sent to you via an approved prescription

According to the Medicines Agency, it is prohibited to import medicines by mail from countries outside the EU and the area known as the European Economic Area (EEA). Drugs that are drug-classed or certain doping drugs are prohibited from being imported. More information about the rules for the introduction of medicines from the Medicines Agency can be found on the link.

How legal online pharmacies work
To buy medicines that are prescribed from online pharmacies, there are requirements that must be met. First, the business you purchase must be registered and delivered from the EU / EEA. The drugs must be approved in the country from which they are purchased. If the drug is prescribed in one or both countries, a prescription must be produced by a prescriber as a pharmacist or a doctor from any EU / EEA country.

You can only buy medicines for personal use and the largest amount you can buy is for about a year of personal use. The easiest way to show that the medicine is intended for personal use is to have the label labeled, a prescription or a medical certificate.

Legal online pharmacies sell prescription drugs in two main ways. The operations are registered in the EU or EEA. They do not sell prescription drugs without having undergone an online consultation with a doctor who makes an assessment of whether the purchase is approved or not. If the purchase is given green light, a prescription for the drug that is approved in the EU / EEA will be sent with the medicine. The second way is that you submit a prescription for the drug you want to buy, if the prescription is approved, the purchase goes through.

There are many positive features of online pharmacies:

  • It is much more convenient to buy medicines from an online pharmacy compared to going to the nearest pharmacy, especially if it is far away
  • You do not have to fit opening hours but can shop when it suits you
  • Purchasing medicines is faster and more convenient, you do not have to queue and the buying process at online pharmacies is simple and fast