Sell Broken Phones and Phone Parts

Sep 16


Recell Cellular

Recell Cellular

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Sell your phones online for cash at Recell Cellular.


If you were searching ‘sell phone’ or ‘sell phone online,’ you may have been curious about the condition of your phone and how much it matters in terms of what you can get online for it! 


This article will discuss selling broken phones and phone parts online,Sell Broken Phones and Phone Parts Articles to one of the best cell phone buyback companies - and what kind of amounts you could expect to get!


So if you’re looking to sell a broken phone and you’re not sure about what you can get for it, read on! You’ll be able to stop searching ‘sell phone’, ‘sell phone for parts’ or ‘sell phone online’, after this!

  Do You Need to Sell a Broken Phone?

Many online websites and cell phone buyback companies may offer you worse rates for a broken phone, or a phone that has parts missing or damaged. 


While this makes sense from a certain standpoint as the phone isn’t intact, you shouldn’t settle for less value unless you have to!


Other companies offer far better rates and have better customer service. These companies usually offer maximum value for broken phones and intact phone parts like a screen or a phone back. 


Even broken phone parts are often taken!


The best of the companies that offer this service is Recell Cellular. Let’s get into why!

They’ll make it so you don’t have to search ‘sell phone’ or ‘sell phone online’ anymore.


How Much Money Can Phone Parts Get You? 

Broken phones and phone parts can still actually net you a lot of cash! Remember that these are electronics with a ton of value across a wide range of industries. 


There’s a reason why ‘sell phone’ and ‘sell phone online’ are such huge trending Google searches, right now.


For example, right now, there is currently a global microchip shortage which is causing layoffs in places like the auto industry. These parts are really valuable and necessary!


The best cell phone buyback company is Recell Cellular - not just because of their amazing service, but because of the top-tier prices that they offer.


Recell Cellular already grades and gives prices based on tiers which offer almost full value for any phone or device. They also buy broken phones and phone parts, and offer nearly full value for these parts as well!


Let’s go over the conditions and grades a bit so it’s clearer how much value Recell Cellular gives. 


Say you wanted to sell an iPhone 12 Pro. Not only are they offering nearly full price for the phone, they have easy and convenient selection options so you can clarify every aspect of the phone. 


This lets Recell Cellular give an extremely accurate estimate about what kind of pay a seller will receive.


Let’s do some comparisons on conditions to show you the value Recell Cellular offers.


An iPhone 12, with everything else the same, at Excellent, sells for up to $751 (this is based on certain carriers and capacity sizes).


With only the condition changed, look at the value for these amounts:


Average: $693 (Light scratches/very light damage)

Below Average: $385 (Cracked Screen or Cracked Back)

Poor: $100 (Liquid damage, LCD Damage, Bent Frame)


A lot of people wouldn’t pay at all for a completely broken phone, but Recell Cellular is willing to offer large payments for broken phones or ones with major condition flaws. 


They’re the best chance to no longer have to search ‘sell phone’ and ‘sell phone online’.

  Sell Phones and Phone Parts Online With Recell Cellular

As you can see, the rates that Recell Cellular offers for phones are among the best in the market! You’re not going to find a cell phone buyback company that buys phones at these prices - a lot of them aren’t even willing to purchase damaged or broken phones!

If you want the best possible price and value for your phone, don’t hesitate to contact and sell to Recell Cellular. Sell phones, sell phones online - sell phones for parts or anything else you can think of!


Recell Cellular is the best place to sell phones - period!