Print Ads: Expenditure Or Investment?

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For brands that choose to ignore these statistics and stick to the traditional ways of print advertising, the loss is massive. This loss is in terms of not being able to access a large audience that is constantly logged in.

When you mention advertisement,Guest Posting the first thing to come to the mind of people is print ads or television commercials. There are dozens of marketers who are yet to hear about the concept of digital marketing services. At first look, you may say that digital is no big deal and businesses are still surviving. However, this is where SRV Media, SEO company in Pune, makes a big difference to your perception. Having acquired the expertise of serving several clients across categories, SRV has learnt the tricks of the game, the hard way. This simply means that the experience and expertise has been acquired through real time scenarios. Today a massive 70% of the population owns a mobile. Of these a surprising large number is subscribed to the internet. In fact, it is not the mobile devices alone, people today are increasing acknowledging the power of internet through various mediums.

The even more surprising part is that there have been several researches that have clearly proved, people are more interested to log into the internet and get updates than investing in buying newspapers. So, here is a reality check, print ads are actually a waste of your investment because digital marketing services are the new trendsetters for the millennium.

However, this should not be the only reason for a business owner to come to places like SRV Media which is an SEO company in Pune. After all, a business owner needs more concrete reasoning to put his money, isn’t it?

Well, we don’t intend to leave you high and dry after introducing you to the ability of digital marketing services. In fact, what we have told you is the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to come.

Here is a snapshot of the value adds that your business is NOT earning by simply choosing to IGNORE the power of digital marketing services.

Better Reach: Your business may be located in a small town but with digital marketing services, you can actually advertise its capability to a wide pool of customers located in different parts of the globe.

Money Saving: Going digital is a big time money saver for businesses struggling to look for means to save money and yet advertise their products and services to earn more customers.

Innovation: Digital media is an innovative option as compared to the regular print ads. Your customers get to see a different aspect and this is automatically a feather in your cap, isn’t it. Also, digital gives you the freedom to use software, technological advancements and a lot more that are sure to build an impressive ad for your customers.

High return on investment: When it comes to digital media marketing, the ads are cheaper and better. Additionally, the advertisements are more interactive so you can engage your customers better. This automatically earns a higher return on investment for your business.

TO conclude it all, we are not saying that print ads are a waste of money. However, deciding the division of budget between print ads and digital marketing services can actually prove to be the turning point for your business.

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