Promotional Pens - A Great Tool for Clubs and Organizations

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Using promotional pens is a very welcome and successful way for many different clubs, organizations, churches, schools etc. to be able to gain visibility for different causes as well as offer the public an item that is usable and necessary.  

 The following examples show how various groups can use promotional pens to their advantage with very little cost.

 1.  Churches- Religious organizations typically are looking for ways to save money and make money.  They are associated with many opportunities to represent charities and hospitals,Guest Posting serve as supporters of missions and relief efforts as well as hold fundraisers for their own parishes and communities.  Promotional pens can be a good way for these non profit groups to spend little money and possibly reap big dividends.  When sponsoring charity events, a religious group can advertise their cause in an inexpensive way by using pens with inscriptions that show support for their cause.  When trying to raise money to send to missions and other worthy areas, churches can help raise funds by selling promotional pens at a profit because they are inexpensive to purchase in large amounts.  That is the great thing about these pens- the fact that a group can saturate a market with their message at very little cost or effort.

2.  Schools- Schools are always looking for different fundraisers that will help increase the amount of revenue they can have to spend on educational improvements.  Each year there are magazine sales, candy drives or frozen food orders.  These are all proven means of raising money and promotional pens could play a contributing role in their ongoing success.  Wouldn't it seem worthwhile to have several hundred pens ordered with various reminders as the inscriptions of the dates of the big school fundraiser?  This could help keep the parents informed and raise awareness of what to expect and plan for in the future.  These could be given out at PTA meetings, sporting events or parent conferences.

3.  Sporting Organizations- How many times have you gone to a sporting event and come home with a hat, program, tee-shirt or other promotional item?  Probably about every one you've ever attended!  Sporting events, large or small, professional or not, are great places for promotional materials to be given out or sold.  Usually though, it's the free ones that are most appreciated and end up being prized souvenirs as well as the more expensive purchased ones.  Promotional pens make great freebies for these events and look good with the team logo or name boldly emblazoned across the casing.

Promotional pens are handy, easily distributed and an economical way for clubs and organizations to market themselves and their causes.

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