Simply Ways To Make Your Trade Show Display Green For Earth Day

Apr 30 10:57 2009 Colin Waters Print This Article

With people worldwide celebrating Earth Day, Trade Show Emporium provides a small list of ways to make your trade show display green.

As people worldwide are celebrating the Earth Day,Guest Posting Trade Show Emporium provides you with a brief list of how to make your existing and future trade show displays environmentally friendly.Purchasing a green trade show display is the first and biggest step one takes to become environmentally friendly with their booth. Environmentally friendly trade show displays are made from socially responsible materials such as bamboo, recycled plastics and aluminum, water-based inks, carpet, fabrics and LED lights.At the show there are several options to make your display greener. Reduce literature by printing less or printing on recycled paper. After your show is over you can recycle materials through a local agency, or at designated places in the convention center. When you are finished with your display unplug as many electronics items as you can. Items, such as lights, monitors, DVD players and many more still consume electricity even when turned off. Overtime all items added up will save a great deal of energy consumption.Instead of sending back unused materials, recycle them locally. It will eliminate the need to ship, and reduce carbon eliminate waste. Also employing local talent reduces the carbon footprint created by traveling with your own sales team.After your display is finished use a trade show display recycling service that will ensure the process of your display and supply you with a detailed report of materials processed.For more information on how to make your environmentally friendly visit Trade Show Emporium at or call 1-866-764-2968.

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