Steal That Ad! The First Step in Writing Effective Ads

Apr 13


Jake Lowrey

Jake Lowrey

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If you've never written an online ad before it's OK to steal (the idea behind) someone else's. Just make sure you modify it to fit your product or service.


You've got your web site up and running. It's fully optimized. You've got a killer product or service. You want to promote your site with online ads,Steal That Ad! The First Step in Writing Effective Ads Articles but you don't have money for a copywriter, and you've never written an ad in your life. Now what?

Go surfing. Get out on the Internet and just look around, but pay particular attention to the ads you see. When one grabs your attention, stop. Read it again. Then again. Copy it into your text editor and really study it.

Ask yourself: "What is it about this ad that yanked my eyeballs?"

Was it the headline? How long was it? What action verbs were used? What was your gut reaction to the headline?

How long was the ad? What kind of words did it have in it? Did the ad writer use superlatives like greatest, best, etc., or was it straight forward, short and to the point? What about it piqued your curiosity?

Did the ad have a strong call to action? Were you compelled to click on a link, or pick up the phone while reaching for your wallet?

After you've answered these questions, look at the ad again, but this time ask yourself: "Can I adapt that ad for my own product/service?"

What in the headline can be changed to reflect your product? What alterations can you make in the copy that applies to your business? What action do you want someone to take?

Now that you've made the changes compare your ad to the original. Does it read the same, only with your product in place of he original product? If it does, what changes can you alter to make it your own? After all, you don't really want to steal the ad, you want to steal the idea.

Once you are satisfied, test it out with a couple of friends. Do they experience the result you expect? If not, tweak it a bit until it works to your satisfaction.

Now you are ready to place it on web sites using an advertising network, preferably one with a great stats program that lets you monitor the effectiveness of your ad. If it works and you're making sales, keep doing it. If it doesn't, tweak the ad some more until it produces exactly what you need.

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