The Word FREE is a 4Letter Word!

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The Word FREE is a 4Letter Word!By Damon ... is the one word that is all over the internet because the person that is giving ... away knows that people will spring to life

The Word FREE is a 4Letter Word!
By Damon Smith,Guest Posting


This is the one word that is all over the internet because the person that is giving something away knows that people will spring to life when they see the word FREE!

The problem with this is most of the time the FREE software or ebooks or affiliate programs that you receive are not worth the paper or ebook they are wrote in. Everyone wants something for FREE but I have yet found anything FREE that will put money in your pocket day in and day out. It could be
advertising that the site owner will tell you will bring you more sales in one week then you can do it in a month.

With a list over 34,000+ double optin subscribers that I built in under the first year the one thing that my company was built on was not something that was FREE! Yes you can signup for my eZine Haileys Comet Weekly eZine for NO COST. But once you find the information that we offer all of our subscribers you will see that the only thing FREE will get you is information.

I am so SICK that the so called guru's keep telling you and other marketers online that you can join their affiliate program for no charge and you will earn $1000s a month without any effort. Then once you give out your email address and name so that
you can signup you get inside just to find out that you will have to upgrade to a pro membership to get paid, Yes you might earn some money from
your advertising and promotions but unless you start putting out some money you will not get what you earned from bringing others into the program!!

STOP RIGHT NOW AND THINK ABOUT ALL THE AFFILIATE PROGRAMS YOU ARE IN, Do you get money sent to your paypal,Egold or other payment companys because you are a FREE MEMBER? Of course NOT! If you want to be paid from these so called million dollar programs you have to pay yourself (Upgrade or your clients that came in from your hard advertising
efforts will go to the person in your upline if they upgrade before you do

So if you have to spend money to make money why would you not spend money on good responsive advertising that will bring in your new downline members and start building that HUGE check you
have been looking and working so hard for? There are MANY places online that will put your business opportunity in front of the people that are looking
for that one thing you already have.

Paid Advertising dont have to be something that you have to go broke over. This is something else I hear every day, " I cant afford to spend money on advertising" Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you do not have the money to promote your program or product you are not going to be able to reach the point of getting into a HUGE profit. In fact your promotion efforts are what makes your success!

Below are places that you can get GREAT TARGETED ADVERTISING that works the first time and every time after that. These businesses have proven that marketing and advertising in the right places will give you the ROI that you are looking for.

eZine Advertising:

Still the most effective advertising on the internet today without the HUGE COST! If you did a search using Google or Yahoo you will find that there are over 300,000+ listing for eZine Advertising! It would take you forever to find the few that have the targeted market you are looking for. Solo And TopSponsor Ads will get you the best return. Classified Ads in eZine Newsletters are ok to use to. You can subscribe to a eZine and get the FREE advertising just for being a subscriber. But how many people really look at your ads that are mixed with 10 to 20 other opportunitys? Not Many, Why?? Because the marketers that use FREE Classified Ads are just going to be looking for their own ads to see if they ran in that issue or not.

Instead of having to spend days looking for the right eZine to put your opportunity in there are places on line that are called eZine Co-Op that have groups of publishers that will run your ads to their subscribers in the effort to get your affiliate program or product the kind of return on investment.

Below is ONE OF THE BEST Advertising eZine Co-Ops onlne today called BSP Advertising Co-Op. Nate Holland runs a GREAT responsive group of publishers that will handle your advertising needs in a manner that will make you want to come back again and again because it is something that works!

JointVenture Advertising:

One of the biggest ways to get your product or service out in front of THOUSANDS without the cost of advertising! This is something that I would say DONT fall under the FREE word. JointVenture's are when two program owners get together
and swap advertising for each others product. You do not have to own a business to JointVenture with others. You just have to know how to go about it! There is one place online that will not only show you just how to do this but it also has members that are some of the biggest names online in marketing and advertising!

The program is called JvAlert and is ran by a VERY BIG NAME marketer that goes by Ken McAuthor. Ken knew what he was doing when he come out with this program. You can get a NO COST REPORT that will give you the info you need to understand how Joint Ventures work by going to the link below.

Start learning today what you can do to make the most out of your affiliate program without making everyone else RICH! And when someone tells you that you can do it for FREE then you need to read this article again because FREE is not going to get you where you want to be!

Good luck in your online ventures!

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