What you need to find success Online The Easy Way!

Aug 25


Damon Smith

Damon Smith

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What you need to find success Online The Easy Way!I get so many emails from people that I work with and my readers asking me what it takes to make a income online? The problem with most of these are t


What you need to find success Online The Easy Way!

I get so many emails from people that I work with and my readers asking me what it takes to make a income online?

The problem with most of these are that they are being guided by people that are just looking to make money from them. Well time has come for you to know what you need to do to earn the kind of income you want! What I am about to share with you is what put my company on the internet map as one of the most sought after Ezine Newsletters today!

(1) If you do not have your own product or dont know where
to start this is what you should do. Stop trying to promote affiliate programs. I know this sounds kind of weird but let me explain. Affiliate programs gives you the idea that you are going to make a million over night or in a week! This is just not true! So get that out of you mind. Them days are long gone. Start your internet venture with a up to date product that you can get resalerights to.

This way you can start your OWN internet business and you have the resalerights to get you on your way to keeping all of your CASH instead of spliting it with someone. Example:
One of the best products you can Resale is the Total Resale Package. This thing has all the tools you need to get started and you get the minisite and resalerights to it so that you can keep 100% of the profits! You can check out the Total Resale Package here. http://www.haileyscometweekly.com/total-resale/

The people that put this package together will even upload it to your host so all you have to do is promote it everywhere you can find to put a ad. We will get to that in just a sec.

You have to know what people need in order to get the results you are looking for. Marketers are looking for tools that gives them the edge they need to succeed. You are offering that with just one minisite that you now own for yourself!

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: Once you have the tools you need to market a program then you find the affiliate program that fits your needs or you can even start your own! Be sure to go with a affiliate program that has a track record for being successful. One Affiliate program that has been around for sometime and is backed by some of the biggest names in advertising and marketing. It covers all of the top affiliate programs on the internet today and if you have a good affiliate program that you are promoting then this will help you get it in front of the people you need to build your downlines! You can check out the AffiliateShowCase here. http://www.AffiliateShowcase.com/?48754 Look at the directory and find your affiliate program that fits your needs.

LISTBUILDING: One of the most important things you can ever do for your business! With your own list of contacts you keep a warm market of buyers that will learn to trust you for help and information. Starting a newsletter or Safelist are the two best ways to start a list. They dont cost a lot of money to start and in some cases under $10 or $20 a month! All you have to do is know where to find your market of clients and that is easy also! Plus having your own list of clients you are able to take this powerful tool to work with other publishers or safelist owners without it costing you anything!

JOINTVENTURES (Jv's): JointVentures have become one of the best ways to get your new website or affiliate program out to business owners that will work to help you get your system in front of a targeted market! Some of the best players in marketing are using jointventures to make $1000s a day! One of the best programs on the internet for Jv's is the JvAlert program! This one website will put you in the HOTSEAT and give you the people and the tools you need to succeed in any program that you might be pushing. Having these TOP DOGS of marketing will help you start your way to success since they have already been there and done that they know what it takes to succeed online! You can see JvAlert Here: http://www.jvAlert.com/invite.aspx?id=31

So how do you get all the information without having to spend your life savings? You can find all the answers to the above information and how to start it all in one product! The Zoom To Super Success! This new report has over 50 interviews with some of the biggest names in the fields above. My readers are exploading their incomes from this one product because all of the answers you are looking for has been laid out for you to go step by step and end up with a AMAZING BUSINESS of your own!!

All of the above information is what I did to succeed online,What you need to find success Online The Easy Way! Articles Within my first year I was able to put it all together and now I help others do the same! The last thing I would like to share with you is never EVER give up on what you have started. Dont let other people tell you that it cant be done because I am living PROOF that it can! The best part is that you dont have to be a WIZKID to make your dreams come true. The internet is a vast piggybank just waiting for you to jump in and get your share.

If you would like any information on the above all you have to do is shoot a email to editor@haileyscometweekly.com and I will be happy to spend my time helping you get started on your way to freedom!

Good Luck in your Ventures!

Damon Smith
Publisher,HaileysComet Weekly Ezine