Things To Do Before Submitting Your Brochure Draft

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Make sure that you have done these essential things before turning over your brochure draft to the printer

Do not just submit your drafts for brochure printing! Do a few important checks first to make sure that not all your money is wasted.

I will teach you all the things you need to do before you pass your draft in this article. Just do these steps one by one and everything should be prepared for your final steps in full-scale printing.

1. Check guides and bleeds – First,Guest Posting you will want to see if your design elements are within the confines of the guidelines and printing bleeds. Sometimes people can actually miss those bad alignments in their brochure designs and only see them after they are printed. It is important to carefully check if all the elements are within the important boundaries. Make sure that no element is too close to the fold guidelines and of course, the background of your color brochures should be able to bleed right out of the borders of the main dimensions.

2. Check spelling and grammar – Now, you should know this already, but it is important enough to mention it. You should always check the spelling and grammar of your text content for brochure printing. If you want your color brochures to appear professional and trustworthy, this is an important step to take. So review each part of your text content. If possible, try to have others help you with this so that you do not miss anything. Your goal is to have a flawless type of brochure marketing copy that no one will find mistakes in.

3. Check images and quality – A review in terms of images is also required before you pass your draft. This is especially true for the small images and logos that you might have added as placeholders. Make sure that all the CORRECT images and logos are in place and of course see if they are rendered in high quality with high resolutions. Images are key to the overall look so make sure they are always rendered right.

4. Check layout alignments and formatting – You should also make some final checks on the layout alignments and formatting. For example, you should see if all paragraphs are aligned right from a single guideline. Are all headers, sub-headers, text boxes, lists and other content elements are in their proper place with the appropriate indentations, font sizes, colors etc.? Make sure everything has all their appropriate alignments and formatting so that the whole look is coherent. Everything must be in place for proper printing.

5. Check file formats – When you save your draft in preparation, make sure that you check your file formats. Sometimes, people forget that document files can actually come in many formats, and typically, the printing company will prefer some file types to others. Make sure that you save your document draft in the right file format that is ideal for your target brochure printer.

6. Do initial feedback testing – With the document ready, the last thing that you will need to do before submitting the draft to the printer is to do some initial feedback testing. Try to test print one piece in your printer and then have some of your friends and family make comments on it. Get their feedback and of course change and adapt your designs when necessary. With this final check, you should be able to correct all the weaknesses, paving the way for that you have created.

You should do these important things before you pass your draft for brochure printing. With all these checks, your color brochures should turn out flawlessly without problems. Good Luck!

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