Using an Aerial Banner Fulfills the Traits of Good Advertising

May 8


Michael John Arnold

Michael John Arnold

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Using An Aerial Banner Fulfills the Traits of Strong Advertising

Needless to say,Using an Aerial Banner Fulfills the Traits of Good Advertising Articles when employing an advertising campaign, one has to make sure that it adheres to the traits of good advertising. These traits serve as a guide, so one will know if their campaigns are doing what they should be doing—in this case, present a message to the people and make them buy or avail of a service by persuading them through advertising. These traits should also work when using an aerial banner. An aerial banner is used in an aerial advertising campaign—where a banner is towed behind an airplane. Here are some of the traits of a good advertising campaign, and how the use of an aerial banner fulfills them:  

Focus on the best prospects: The best advertising campaigns focus on markets that will respond to the ad. For example, a product for women should advertise on a medium that attracts women—a television show with a strong women demographic, a publication for women. When using an aerial banner, one can apply this concept a well such a run to support breast cancer research. It is more flexible of billboards, although less money in the long run. For example, one can use an aerial banner to promote a product targeted to the youth on a beach during spring break, or a film or a movie during a festival within the city.

Stand out: A product should stand out in the market, and the use of an aerial banner does this impeccably. Of course, the ad should illustrate how the product itself is different—but the aerial banner puts this concept on a different level, since the use of an aerial banner itself will make a product stand out. Therefore, against other products in the same market, the one that used an aerial banner for promotions will definitely have an advantage since it already has recall. Many products are advertised on television, on the Internet, and on radio. But since fewer are advertised through aerial banners, the recall is more immediate.  

Persuade action: Of course, an advertisement works if the people who saw an ad retains the information and remember it. But it is not effective until the people who saw the ad respond to it by doing the action implied by the advertisement. In this case, the ad should persuade people to avail of the product or service advertised. The ad has to be interesting and eye-catching, but more than that it has to require action. An aerial banner may seem too limited a venue to persuade people to action on the retention of information, but this simplicity is exactly what makes the aerial ad more effective. It does not shout to the people—rather, it is a mere whisper compared to the tiring and suffocating advertisements today.