Web Push Notifications Benefits in Your Marketing Strategies

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Web push notifications are messages from a website you receive in your browser. They notify users about sales, important updates, or new content. These are the clickable pop-up message that comes from a website or an app, these messages appear on your device screen


Web push notification is one of the marketing communication channels that is finding quite a bit of popularity among marketers. It is a tactic that marketers are using to engage and retarget their users with constant communication about the services they prefer to receive notifications from. However,Guest Posting do you all the benefits of having web push notifications on your website? The following is a compilation of such advantages of using browser push for your business. 


Benefits of Web Push Notifications 1. Subscribing is easy:

When people come to your website they are looking to buy some product or avail some services, and they are usually in a hurry to get it over with. So, if they are first-time visitors, asking them to fill up a lengthy form to subscribe can become a deterrent to their interests. In the end, they are not on your website for filling up multiple fields of information or to subscribe through email confirmation. 

Web push notifications in these cases can save you and your users a lot of time by asking them to subscribe with only a click. The objective of web push notifications is simple too, as they ask if the users would like to receive notifications to which agreeing or denying does the trick. Once you have the visitors subscribe to your website, you can send them the push notifications as you may wish.


 2. Protect your user’s privacy:

Web push notification protects your users’ privacy when they subscribe to it. This is mainly done in two ways. First, when you ask for your users’ consent, you don’t need them to fill up any form with their personal details. Thus, different aspects of their privacy concerns remain undisclosed, shielded from data pirates and hackers.

Secondly, when a user allows a web push, he/she is providing her consent willingly as per his/her decision towards the accepted domain only. Hence, there are no email confirmations, no third-party interference, or unwanted messages from other domains. 


3. Higher Click-Through rate:

Web push notifications are designed with highly relevant messages, coupled with high-definition images of the products you want to display. Therefore, the notifications enhance the purchase intent among the users. Moreover, you can customize your push notifications with multiple products using carousal notifications, increase user attention through product labels, and provide accurate & relevant information through real-time segmentation. All these features add on to the overall clickthrough rates of your web push messages.

Web push has another advantage though. Since these messages are relayed even when the users are not on your website and are only using the browser to surf other sites, it becomes displayed as you send it without opening any external applications. These notifications are displayed across devices and you don’t have to differentiate between a mobile device and desktop while sending it. The added reach and visibility help you to ramp up the clickthrough rates and help your users visit your website or app more often.


4. Quality subscriptions: When users fill-up the form available on your website, they may sometime provide incorrect information about themselves, especially if they are not interested in hearing about your products or services through newsletters, or email communications. Therefore, it may add up to create a repository of junk user identifiers, which might make your targeting tougher. However, when you use a web push, there is no need for the users to provide any personal information. Besides, since the users are providing their consent for receiving notifications willingly, the intent becomes much clearer. Consequently, it allows you to reach out to these users whenever you want with your marketing communications with relevant messages according to your segmentation parameters.


5. Scheduling and delivering:

Web push notifications are short messages. These contain a compelling headline, product information, product image, and a CTA to redirect the users to the intended webpages. Crafting and designing these would take much less time than a newsletter or marketing email, which requires you to include multiple headers and subheaders, illustrations, and much more. If you choose to keep the marketing communication short, you need to leverage text messages, but you cannot include any image of the products. Web push notifications solve the issue efficiently as it is short, but contain attention-grabbing graphics and images, and a short message Since you can automate the schedule and deliver these messages using an efficient marketing platform, the purchase intent becomes enhanced within your users.   


6. Instant reach

You can schedule your push messages to reach your users based on their online activities, buying propensity, relevant timing according to your domain, and more. These notifications, once designed can be sent to your users instantly and act as updates for them to engage. The urgency in the reach along with domain-specific targeting based on the users’ online behavior helps you to increase the engagement of your web push notifications.


7. Accurate purchase intent

As mentioned earlier too, web push notifications are sent only to those who have consented to receive notifications from you. Therefore when you design and send your messages according to your online users’ behavior you know what is relevant to them and expect a healthy response from them. Moreover, as your users receive the web push notifications, their interaction with them can be measured by various metrics such as clickthrough rates, time spent on your website once they are redirected to the webpage, the conversion rates, and so on. These metrics help you to analyze the performance of your push campaigns and optimize them over time. Besides, web push notifications tell you more about what your users actually want from your brand, and gives you an opportunity to cross-sell and upsell your products.


Ending Note

Web push notifications can provide you an increase in your marketing ROI, and help you optimize your marketing budget if you can use it judiciously. Moreover, tracking the performance of your web push campaigns gives you an indication of the user expectations and you can design your strategies to engage your users more effectively.

If you are looking to create an efficient strategy using web push notifications, you can get in touch with us at marketing@vizury.com.

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