A Bistro Set Equals Space Saving Elegance

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If you have limited space or are just looking for a way to relax in style a bistro set might be the answer.

Adding a bistro set to you outdoor space is a fantastic and simple way to enhance its beauty. With their unique style and function they are an option which can provide a huge value from a very small package.  Here are just some of their amazing qualities which you will adore. 

So What Is A Bistro Set?

Bistro sets are one of the most distinctive types of garden and patio furniture.  They are instantly recognizable,Guest Posting especially by their black color and small size.  A classic set is made up of 2 chairs and a slightly taller table.  Although originally coming from Europe this gorgeous type of furniture is now loved around the world.     

Bring Europe to You

Because they are most often seen and associated with the cafes and restaurants of Europe that is the feel that they portray.  If you have been to Europe, then having a set on your patio or in your garden will definitely bring back memories of your trip, most notably the times spent in street side cafes.  If you haven’t, that’s just as good because you will be able to experience their beauty for the first time in your own outdoor space.  Either way, a bistro set is a great way to bring this luxurious European style home to be enjoyed wherever you live.   

Intimate, Intimate, Intimate

One of the most unique things about bistro sets, and the most enjoyable, is that because they are smaller they allow you to actually be in much closer proximity to your friends, family or whoever you are sitting with.  This is a far cry from most other outdoor furniture. Normally because you are reclining or as a result of its larger size with normal outdoor furniture you have to raise your voice to be heard or lean forward to actually hear what someone else is saying. A bistro set makes for intimate and friendly conversations and experience whether that means just for a cup of coffee, meal, or even reading books.

Small Size That Works Everywhere

It is their small size which allows you to experience the warmth of your interactions to their fullest potential, but also to be able to fit in small spaces.  This can be a lifesaver for someone living in an apartment or condo who has a balcony and wants to still be able to enjoy it for all its worth.   A bistro set can fit in many places normal sized furniture is simply too big for.  However, this does not mean that you should only consider one if you have a small space, quite the opposite because despite their size bistro sets can have quite an impact on the largest of patios or gardens.  They also work very well on porches, in gazebos, and by the pool. 

Who Knew There Were So Many Options?

While at first glance most bistro sets seem extremely similar, in reality there are a huge variety of options available.  They can vary from extremely intricate in design to very simple, and can also be found in many colors other than black, although that is the color that most often comes to mind when we picture them.  There is a large choice of materials available as well.  From cast iron bistro sets to ones made of plastic, or even different types of wood there is something for everyone.  A rattan bistro set in particular can make a lovely and stylish addition to any space.

Whether you love the look of metal, plastic, or wood, you’re sure to find your perfect bistro set.  Great for spaces of all sizes and yet small enough to keep your experiences as personal and intimate as possible they make an excellent choice for virtually any location.  And best of all it will let you experience the beauty of Europe every time you sit down!

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