A guide to Choose the perfect Wedding Dress for You!

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If your wedding is near & you are confused about what to wear, then this is the perfect article for you. Here I have tried to illustrate how to choose a perfect dress for your wedding.

Indian wedding cannot be distinguished from any other big festivals as it includes months or even years of planning. Whether its the lavish decoration,Guest Posting delicious food items or gorgeous clothing to look most appealing in the crowd everything has to be extravagant.

Though the other things can be settled down with ease, choosing the wedding dress is the hardest part. The dress not only a piece of fabric but it also symbolizes the emotion & dreams of the bride on her very special day.

In this article, I will try to cover all the parts that need to be taken care of while choosing the perfect wedding dress for you.

Basically there are 4 types of bridal dresses in the Indian fashion trend.

1. The Royal Lehenga: The most favorite among the Indian brides due to its traditional & classy look. The intricate designs with heavily embellished sequins & pearls make it the most appealing bridal dress.

2. The Gorgeous bridal Saree: The multitude of draping style, availability in various style & fabrics, exorbitance of colors make it another favourite option. It not only elevates the beauty of a woman but also gives the bride a royal Indian look. Even there are many people who can't imagine of a wedding without a traditional saree.

3. The Classy Wedding Gown: Every Indian girl has dreamt of her wedding in a white princess western wedding gown. That simply depicts our love towards wedding gowns. Though it was not so popular even in the past few years in India but in the latest trend many brides choosing a western gown as their wedding dresses. Specially gowns with sheer sleeves & heavy embroidery work become a popular choice among Indian girls.

4. The Dazzling Sharara: It is more popular among the Muslim brides. But the charming & elegant look it gives is the reason that the other cultures also started keeping this in their wedding budget. You will definitely look dazzling in this Sharara.


Choose your Dress according to your body type:

If your upper body is slimmer than your lower body, then saree is the best pick for you.

on the contradiction, if your upper body is fuller than your lower body then the lehenga is for you.

And if you have symmetric upper & lower body then you can opt for anything whether its lehenga or saree or gown, you can flaunt your beauty in any way.

Choose the right color:

Choosing the right color of the dress is another vital point to look into. All the dresses now come in a plethora of colors, so choosing the perfect one could be impossible for many brides. The easy way here to choose the color according to your complexion.

The most common complexion in India is olive. If you are one of them then simply go for any color you like, whether its red, blue, green, navy, pink, orange, burgundy anything you like.

IF you have a dark complexion you should always go for a deep color like royal blue, deep maroon, dark green & so on.

For Fair Complexion choose a brighter color for your wedding dress. This could be champagne, peaches, fuschia, yellow, mint green, ivory and so on.

Conclusion: So this way you can choose the perfect attire for your best day. Never rush while choosing dresses. Remember, it is always better to look classy than trendy in a traditional Indian Wedding. Choose your dress & make your day even more special.

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