Dress Code for Wedding Witnesses

Feb 13




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Sitting in church or in common between the pews, even the witnesses of the wedding are the focus of attention. For this dress with accessories should ...


Sitting in church or in common between the pews,Dress Code for Wedding Witnesses Articles even the witnesses of the wedding are the focus of attention. For this dress with accessories should be chosen with care and attention.

To avoid giving a bad fall style, the witnesses will have to follow some little rule for clothing the day of the wedding, a dress that will be up to the role to be filled.First, make no mistake that the witnesses would be ideal consults with the couple to understand the style that they want to give the marriage: bad choices in this way could grind with the general atmosphere that the couple, perhaps with much difficulty, have concocted.We start with the witnesses are female. The choice will not be easy. The women are surrounded by an endless variety of clothes: dresses with bright colors, pastel colors, long, short, fancy, plain, not to mention the accessories!Rule number one is to remember that the star that day will be, needless to say, the bride, why you should choose clothing that follows the same line of her dress but do not drown, do not disfigure the face short. That is completely banned a white dress. The black instead is discouraged if the ritual of marriage is celebrated in the morning. For the rest you can burst the joy of colors: from the traditional ones, such as cream, beige and pastel colors, than to witness the daring, the most sparkling like red or yellow, and why not, a fantasy flowered for the weddings of the summer.

We give some examples. Very chic dress is a silk, plain, with sleeves and ruffled skirt, high waist belt and necklace to break the color hue of the dress. Instead a romantic dress with silk brocade with pink bow at the waist. The witnesses glamor, finally, they may opt for a silk bustier dress with feathers applied and supported by a pin jewelry.

Finally, we suggest you keep an eye on some little rule of etiquette which is always good. For example: If the bride is the length with a train, then even the witness can hazard a long dress, on the contrary, if the bride is minimal will be needed to avoid pompous clothes, the colors too loud and long. Also always avoid necklines concentrations that may be vulgar, if you want to show remember to do it with style, elegance and simplicity.In principle, the witness must have a look that goes contrary to that of the bride, and so that creates the dreaded "stain effect". For the rest, and get active with the slice of visibility that you deserve.For male witnesses the situation is less complicated. Etiquette requires that the witnesses, and generally the men close family members, should follow the style of the dress chosen by the groom. So if the groom is tight then the witness will choose the same dress and the same is true of other types: half tight, tuxedo or three pieces.

If a witness does not want to adapt to the style of the dress of the groom, then you should make that none of the witnesses to the marriage must reside follow because a marked harmony between them. But the eye color of the dress, as witnesses for the women, must not be excessive contrast it with that of the groom it with that of other witnesses.

Finally, the dress of the best man should have the pride and will have to worry of securing to all those who want to pin it on the jacket. Generally, the flower will be the same type of flowers the bride's bouquet, so harmony will be assured.

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