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Super Power Yajnas have a strong bond with rainfall. These days when the Weather Science fraternity is carrying out various types of scientific research for attaining control over seasons and rainfall these experts have now also commenced focusing their attention on the possibility of inducing rainfall where necessary using Yajna procedures.

Super Power Yajnas have a strong bond with rainfall. These days when the Weather Science fraternity is executing various types of scientific research for attaining control over seasons and rainfall these experts have now also commenced focusing their attention on the possibility of inducing rainfall where necessary via Yajna procedures. In scriptures we find a mention of God Indra (deity of rainfall) gets pleased when we perform Super Power Yajnas and thus apt measure of rains pour down. In ancient eras when in this sacred land of India Super Power Yajnas were executed at various places lots of rainfall occurred and hence India oozed with wealth of food,Guest Posting fruits, flowers, animals, milk etc. Rain water is best for agriculture because in it various fertilizer principles present in air get mixed as a result of which crops grow optimally and nourishing nutritious principles ooze forth in it. When the field is irrigated with water from canals etc crops do not grow that well when compared to superb growth noted on getting rain water. In this manner crops (fruits, vegetables etc) fed with rain water brim with optimal salt, alkalinity and other nourishing nutritious principles. These nourishing nutritious principles are lesser in measure in crops grown using water other than rain water. Since rain water from the standpoint of cleanliness is of very high stature it is very beneficial for our all round health. Since air contains wetness attained from rains birds, beasts etc remain happy and nourished. With this very damp air the sperm ovum’s capacity to procreate augments manifold. Dogs and other animals prefer becoming pregnant only after rainfall has ended. Rainfall has its high utility value from many diverse angles.

Rain is said to be dependent on fate and hence Almighty God because it cannot be induced to pour down as per the wish and effort of humans as and when they want it. In order to put controls on this very important need of rainfall great Rishis of yore labored hard. Ultimately via Yajna process they succeeded in inducing rainfall in desired measure. For these Rishis inducing rainfall via Super Power Yajnas and even obstructing excess rainfall was quite easy. In order to proclaim this masterful success of theirs great Rishis eulogized Super Power Yajnas thus:


Yajnenapyagyita deva bushtayutsargena manavaha.

Apyayanam vai kurvanti yajnaha kalian hetavaha.

………….Padmapurana Srishti Khand (3/124)

MEANING: Via Super Power Yajnas demigods that ooze with divine energies get nourished. Via Super Power Yajnas rainfall becomes conducive and optimal in measure so that in turn human beings get properly nurtured. It is Super Power Yajnas only that bestows well being on just about everyone.


Yajnairapyayita deva vrishtayutsargena vai prajaha.

Apyayante tu dharmajna yajnaha kalian hetavaha.

………….Vishnupurana (6/18)

MEANING: Via Super Power Yajnas demigods that ooze with divine energies augment n fold. Since via Super Power Yajnas rain pours down creatures including mankind get nurtured properly. These righteous Super Power Yajnas only are cause of our well being.


Annadbhavati bhutani parjanyadanna sambhavaha.

Yajnadbhavati parjanyo yajna karma samudbhavaha.

………….Bhagwad Geeta (3/14)

MEANING: All creatures are created from food and food is grown with the help of rainfall. Rainfall occurs due to Super Power Yajnas and these Super Power Yajnas are performed via our actions/Karmas.


In the above mentioned Mantras it has been said that Ahutis/materials offered to Yajna fire are imbibed by all creatures and it becomes the cause of rainfall and food production. Via modern science research it has been proved that when fire burns carbon dioxide gets emitted by it. This carbon dioxide gas forms a layer on the earth’s atmosphere and its task is to obstruct heat of solar rays from entering planet earth. Lest this gas layer becomes very thin heat shall not get obstructed and thus the soil shall lose its rich fertility. In dessert regions these carbon dioxide gas layers are very thin and hence even if sizzling heat falls on these dessert areas during daytime yet at nightfall the ground and wind there is cool. Under such situations there agriculture is difficult to carry out and thus very miniscule trees, plants grow there. The atmosphere of dessert regions is incapable of catching rain forming clouds and rainfall is extremely scant there. In those regions where the carbon dioxide gas layers are thick there fertility power coming on earth via sunrays and heat get well protected. Thus since a vault of all this is available trees, plants etc in such regions bloom very well.

Glass has the quality of allowing sun’s heat to enter it via solar rays. Yet it disallows this heat to return and turn backwards. In those rooms where glass windows are built there even little sunlight can positively influence the entire room. In certain plant nurseries such plants are grown that require more heat. For them glass houses are built so that sunlight entering this transparent glass enters within but does not go out of these glass houses. As a result these plants get apt measure of warmth and those plants that grow only in hot regions can be grown even in cold countries in such glass houses. Glass that executes the function of allowing sunlight warmth only to enter within but disallow them from going out is also carried out by the carbon dioxide gas layers spread out in the earth’s atmosphere. The more this gas layer is thick, wide and strong the more earth shall gain the capacity to imbibe the very precious fertility power present in sunlight and render it well protected.

From volcanic mountain areas this carbon dioxide gas emerges. In that region a big layer of this gas spreads out on the ground. The result of this being that the surrounding areas of volcanic mountains bloom forth with lush green tress, plants etc and hence a lot of rainfall is noted. In France there is a spring called Ubrin from which carbon keeps getting emitted.Hence the nearby areas of this spring forever blooms with lush greenery and foliage. Hence this carbon created from Yajnas renders earth richly fertile and keeps our storehouses filled with luscious fresh fruits, vegetables, grains etc.

It is erroneous to think that by burning fire oxygen gets used up a lot and hence since carbon dioxide gas predominates Yajnas  are not beneficial to maintain good health or in augmenting the same. The thing is that very little amount of oxygen is used up by Yajna fire. In fact in comparison to Super Power Yajnas factories, industries, motor cars, rail engines etc use up gigantic amounts of oxygen. Further if in Yajnas  little oxygen does get used up by Yajna fire and produces carbon dioxide gas, the latter is ‘greedily’ inhaled by lush green tress, plants etc Throughout the day plants inhale carbon dioxide gas and exhale great amounts of pure oxygen. In order to destroy the harmful principles emitted by Yajnas well beforehand Kalash (water vessels) etc are placed near the Yajna pyre.

Modern scientists are known to scatter ice powder on clouds from air planes so as to render these flying clouds heavy in weight. In this manner they try to induce rainfall in desired areas. This experiment to induce artificial rainfall has so far not succeeded much. Yet the applications of inducing artificial rainfall via Yajnas have succeeded majority number of times.

When clouds are light in density so as to be rendered a hollow, air enters them and thus these clouds fly about here and there in a wayward manner. Lest these clouds become denser or that such a cause sets in so that air is not allowed to enter these clouds, these very clouds on becoming heavy pour down as rainfall. Via Yajna fire this requirement gets fulfilled wherein clarified butter/Ghee offered to the fire on being rendered subtle reaches clouds via winds. Thus one layer of the greasiness of clarified butter/Ghee rises on top of the clouds. This activity stops air entering clouds and thus the latter being rendered heavy pour down as rainfall.

If in water greasiness is added then it does not stay within it but by rising upwards spreads out as a layer on top of water. These fumes of Yajna fire spread out as a layer of greasiness on top of clouds’ surface area. Wind/air cannot pierce this layer of greasiness. It has been noted that in cold winter many people apply cold cream, Vaseline, butter etc on their face, other skin areas etc so that the cold wind of winter does not reach their skins. Thus the face skin and that of other bodily regions does not crack. Thus the manner in which this cold cream, Vaseline, butter etc applied on the face, other skin areas etc disallows cold wind from touching their bodily skin similarly the Yajna fumes spreading out on clouds as a greasy layer functions as a protective armor. This fume layer does not allow air to enter clouds that would otherwise have flown away to naught. This very obstruction by Yajna fumes becomes the cause of rain pouring down.

By filling one vessel with water and another with clarified butter/Ghee and heating them on fire bubbles shall emerge in water. No doubt clarified butter/Ghee shall get heated yet but no bubbles shall be noted. The reason why bubbling takes place in water is that when water get heated air enters it. Bang opposite to this air cannot pierce clarified butter/Ghee when it is heated and thus bubbling is not noted. This is proof of the fact that air cannot pierce greasiness and oiliness. By creating a greasy layer on clouds via Yajna fumes, clouds cannot imbibe any air within and thus are obstructed from getting scattered here and there and ultimately getting vainly destroyed. Thus because of this obstruction rainfall occurs. Greasiness on contacting coolness gets solidified and along with it gathers water. In cold winter when clarified butter/Ghee solidifies its water content too solidifies. The clarified butter/Ghee of Yajnas renders rain cloud dense and heavy, solidifies them and force them to pour down as rain.

Yajnas’ capacity to obstruct excess rainfall/flooding and famine conditions also by inducing rain and obstructing as and when necessary is mind boggling.

Nikame nikame parjanyo varshatu.

It is in the hands of Yajna God to induce rainfall as per its wish and aid humans to control rainfall. Yajnas pour down not only water based rainfall but that it showers even that Prana energy/vital force that renders all world creatures healthy, active etc. It is due to this Prana energy/vital force that planet earth is well balanced and steady. Nectarine Prana energy/vital force which is the chief boon got from Yajnas  renders Mother Earth lush green and prosperous both materially and spiritually. Hence it has been said:

Yajnaha prithivim dharayanti.


MEANING: It is Yajna that aids in optimal existence of planet earth.

Not only via great Rishi utterances but via modern scientific studies also it has been proved that via Yajnas rainfall can be induced when desired and that excess rainfall and hence destructive flooding too can be obstructed via Yajnas. Doubtlessly Yajnas can induce desired positive changes in seasons and render Mother Nature/Prakriti well balanced.

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