Cremation Urns: Three Reasons Why They Are the Ideal Vessel for Preplanning One’s Final Voyage

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The article discusses the emotional, aesthetic, and economical reasons why cremation urns are ideal for preplanning one’s memorial service or that of a loved one.

Confronting one’s mortality is always uncomfortable.  In our busy lives,Guest Posting with so many things to get done, surely planning for our funeral service and what will happen with our remains can wait.  The topic is certainly not high on anyone’s  “priority” list.   After all, “…I’m healthy, I take care of myself, I’ve not been really sick…I have plenty of time to deal with that issue – later, much later…”

Unfortunately, most of us fail to grapple with the topic and miss the opportunity to take what seems to be a disagreeable subject and turn it into an experience that will give you personal tranquility and comfort.   Doing so will bring you closer to those you love and who will be sharing your life’s voyage as well as your final moments on this earth.

Moreover, you may ask:  Why should I go through the process of selecting a cremation urn now, when I do not need it?  What possible purpose could it serve?  

First, we must accept the obvious fact that the whole issue of death and cremation urns is an emotional one; it is also a serious one.   However, it need not be difficult or uncomfortable.   Focus on the vessel.  Do not focus on the fact that it is about death, as it is not.   It is about life; it is about your life and what you do with it.   So let the cremation urn you select reflect your persona. 

The process is cathartic because the more you focus on just the right cremation urn that will reflect your style, the more you realize that this is just one of the many journeys you will undertake in life.  Include your family, friends, and loved ones in the process and make them embrace it while you also make it joyful.   Those around you will take their cues from you, so make it a positive experience, one they will remember.

Second, cremation urns can be enjoyed pre-need.  Beautiful cremation urns are now made to one’s unique specifications so that they enhance the beauty of any room in your home.  Yes, that is correct.  There are many exquisite and unique cremation urns disguised as works of art, designed by local and world renowned artists.   They are decorative and very discreet, adding just the right motif to any corner of a home. 

In fact, cremation urns are available for your pets as well.  Pet urns are more popular now because our pets are part of the family.   As much as it may pain us to think about it, we have come to accept the fact that they have a limited life expectancy.  We want to retain a little part of them after they are gone.  When we purchase the pet urn ahead of time, we are detached and more objective and we are in a better position to make proper decisions, crucial decisions that involve both style and cost.

The third and, to many, the most important reason why cremation urns are considered ideal for preplanning revolves around the ecological and financial advantages that the process of cremation offers.   Cremation, as a process,is carefully controlled and regulated and, therefore, ensures minimal impact on the environment.  Furthermore, the cremated remains, or a portion of them, can legally be retained by relatives and/or be dispersed in a variety of ways and locations.  This gives family members and friends more economical options and flexibility.

The cost of cremation itself is generally half of the cost involved in traditional interment.   A side benefit of purchasing cremation urns before they are needed is also an economical one.  By preplanning and selecting your cremation urn during your lifetime you are able to finance the purchase in terms that are more suitable for you, thus taking that burden away from your family and loved ones.  It is also a hedge against inflation.  Be assured that the cost of the same urn will increase as time passes.  What might be affordable now may be financially prohibitive in the future.

There certainly are many aspects involved in the planning of burial services, whether it is your own or that of a beloved family member or pet.  The first step, however, is to be emotionally prepared.  Why not start dealing with it now, when it is not an imperative.  It can be a gradual thing, like reading this article; then surf the net and start researching the subject.   You will find that the more you look into it the better prepared you will be.  Once you do your homework, I think you will come to agree with me that cremation urns are the ideal choice in preplanning because they offer options that are both beautiful and inspiring that can reflect one’s life and taste.

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