Rose Cremation Jewelry: To Make You Feel Closer To The Departed One

Jan 17




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One of the toughest things in life is to lose the one you loved dearly. Life becomes grim and it becomes hard to lead a life with their absence.


Sometimes,Rose Cremation Jewelry: To Make You Feel Closer To The Departed One Articles we need to feel closer to the loved ones we lost and that is possible with the help of cremation jewellery which is a unique and beautiful way to honour your loved ones by always keeping them close to your heart.

Losing someone you love, be they a family member, friend, or a beloved pet, is perhaps one of the most difficult things that you will ever have to face. You may never be able to fill the void that the individual has left in your life, but to feel closer to your loved ones, we have special cremation jewellery for you.

What is cremation jewelry?

Cremation Jewelry is also known as memorial jewellery, funeral jewellery or simply remembrance jewellery which is an easy way for people to hold on to their loved ones.

Cremation Jewelry is used as a personal memorial with a tiny compartment designed to store a small amount of the cremated remains to be carried at all times in the pendant.

Most pieces of cremation jewellery are designed to hold a small portion of cremains (like a locket), but people also use the jewellery to hold other pieces of memories such as burial soil, memorial flowers or even small lockets of hair.

 When a tangible part of their loved one or pet is worn near their heart, they simply feel comforted – perhaps connection senses that the jewellery brings. Some prefer to be discreet about the function of the jewellery and what it holds. Others enjoy it as a conversation piece, and as an invitation to share memories and stories.

Rose cremation jewelry

Southern Stamped offers a wide array of rose cremation jewelry. The best thing about our rose cremation necklace is that it can be personalized and kept for almost forever. It can be passed on as family heirlooms or simply kept as a unique keepsake.

All this while, you have the comfort of knowing that your beloved ones look over you and are near you like angels.

The most popular cremation jewellery is rose cremation necklace. At Southern Stamped we provide necklace in all shapes and sizes. The most prevalent nowadays is rose cremation jewelry.

The elegant rose cremation necklace is a beautiful way to memorize your loved ones. Made of stainless steel, its hypoallergenic and made to last forever. The rose cremation jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee, making it a perfect keepsake.

The rose cremation necklace features an elegant, raised single rose on a solid silver background. Each piece of rose cremation jewelry comes with an 18-20-inch adjustable chain. We use the best materials to ensure this keepsake lasts a lifetime. Our stainless-steel rose cremation necklace will keep your loved one close to your heart. 

Cremation Jewelry has outgrown its popularity within the past decade. Our memorial necklaces are a sweet reminder that your loved one will always be with you.

At Southern Stamped we have a mesmerising range of cremation jewellery and ash necklaces. Our Winged Cross is just one of several great pendant designs to gently remind you that your loved one is now and forever in the loving hands of God. Each piece of our cross-ash jewellery is designed to hold a small amount of the cremated human remains of your loved one. 

We offer lots of ways to make your jewellery personal. Southern Stamped allows you to customize your jewellery with your favourite quote, name, date or anything short saying that holds meaning for you. You can also add birthstone beads and charms to make your jewellery your own.

Displaying a recognized symbol of faith, cremation jewellery also allows you to show your dedication to those no longer by your side. Cremation necklace holds not only a tribute to the deceased but also displays your commitment to the love you shared.