Fashion and performance - Contacts With Attitude

May 1


Karen Yelve

Karen Yelve

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This article will provide you with information about fashion and performance - Contacts With Attitude.


For a long time,Fashion and performance - Contacts With Attitude Articles contact lenses were created with the only function in mind. Anyone with vision issues who didn't want to put on glasses could seek the advice of their eye care professional to make the change. Contact lenses were an unnoticeable and practical method to correct eyesight.

Bausch and Lomb Soflens Toric is a monthly replacement lens designed for people with astigmatism. The patented Lo-Torque design keeps Soflens Toric lenses exceptionally stable during wear, and the advanced optics correct astigmatism by refocusing the light to a single point for sharp, clear vision.

Now even people that have 20/20 vision are lining up for contact lenses. Why?

The latest, biggest fashion trend: coloured contact lenses.

What Are Coloured Contact Lenses?
Coloured contact lenses have a tint, colour or design embedded directly on the contact lenses itself. The centre portion that fits over your pupil stays clear allowing your vision to be unimpeded.
The tints can transform your natural eye colour, completely change your eye colour or for a very wild look, imprint crazy patterns or logos right on the iris.

For example, you could have blue coloured eyes someday, light brown eyes the next and cat eyes on the weekend. They are versatile, adaptable and fun!

When buying coloured contacts there are 2 major types of contact lenses to choose from: Enhancer Contact Lenses and Opaque Contact Lenses.

Do You Know The Difference Between Enhancer and Opaque Colored Lenses?
Enhancer coloured contacts utilize translucent tints that enable certain wavelengths of light to successfully pass through while soaking up others. This generates a vivid improvement of your natural eye colour. Additionally, it can change the way the iris looks underneath making your eyes clearly stand out.

Enhancer coloured contacts cannot change your eye colour; only enhance what you already possess. They work particularly well for people who have green, blue or light coloured eyes, building dramatic and intense appearances.

Opaque coloured contact lenses utilize opaque tints that completely cover up your underlying iris. No light can go through the opaque tint, that means your natural eye colour is no longer visible. Normal opaque contact lenses are carefully made to replicate the natural look of the eye while completely changing eye colour. You could go from brown-eyes to green, blue-eyes to purple, there is no restriction to the colour modifications available.

Natural-looking opaque contacts are also utilized for cosmetic purposes to cover up any eye disfigurements an individual has that would usually be visible.

For a more enjoyable appearance, you can use a costume or theatrical lenses. These opaque coloured contact lenses are used all the time to create effects in the movies and for Halloween. They can change you from human to vampire, give you alien eyes, or permit you to have your favourite emblem visible in your eyes. They can also be purchased with tailored iris flecks for a unique visual appearance.

There is also a new advancement in coloured contact lenses designed especially for the sports enthusiast. They have what is known as light-filtering tints. These types of tints boost the visibility of specific colours for the wearer and allow them to more easily notice objects such as tennis balls. The tints effectively separate the object from the background providing you with an advantage during play. There are lots of light-filtering contact lenses being developed for a number of sports.

Who Can Wear Colored Contacts?
A lot of coloured contacts can be bought in the 'Plano' form for people who do not need vision correction. There are designs for people who need bifocal correction and for people with astigmatism.

Air Optix Aqua contact lenses are incredibly breathable, allowing five times more oxygen through than other lenses. Air Optix uses TriComfort Technology not only to let the contact lens breathe and retain moisture but also to resist deposits and keep the lenses comfortable and wearable for up to one month. Air Optix Aqua contacts are ideal for people who've had trouble with other lenses, have sensitive eyes, or just need more comfort from their lenses.

For anyone desiring to use coloured contact lenses, you do need an appointment with an eye care professional and a prescription, even if you have got 20/20 eyesight. Contacts must be installed properly to the curvature of your eye for a safe and comfortable fit.