Future Seer

Mar 27


Rachel Saxon

Rachel Saxon

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A psychic can see the future. This can be by using their clairvoyant ability. One of the biggest problems with seeing the future, is you can seldom pu...


A psychic can see the future. This can be by using their clairvoyant ability. One of the biggest problems with seeing the future,Future Seer Articles is you can seldom put a clear date to it.  It is the future and its unlikely that spirit will show you a calendar and say that’s when it will happen.

I don’t feel spirit knows time.  Time for the psychic seems to stretch indefinitely and isn’t given to us by the days, months and years that we use on earth. Spirit time seems to stretch in eons, which is very frustrating for psychics stuck on earth. While we can see things happening in the future but to give an exact time and date to when it will happen, is extremely difficult.  This clairvoyant ability is sometimes likened to remote viewing and it is in a way, but here we concentrate on the particular person we are reading. What does a psychic actually see?  This can be almost anything from being told not to take a certain road as there is a possibility of being involved in an accident if you take that road to fore seeing things that might happen to the people around you.  This can be likened to preparing you for bad news.  You are never ready when the time comes but the shock is slightly lessened. The one thing that is something you should never pass on when you are psychic is death.  This is not for you to pass on at all.  What if you are wrong?  The thought of passing on the news of impending death and then being wrong can only haunt you.  I have seen death and knew it was coming but it wasn’t something I could talk about.  Each time I have seen it is has been the death of someone close to me.  Unfortunately they all came true. This is the kind of vision I could really do with out.  When viewing the future one can often see things like work and the possibilities related to work, you can also pick up future relationships and journeys you might be making. One has to bear in mind that as these are all future events that any actions you might take between now and then might affect the outcome.  Say now I see you travelling to visit Aunt Sarah and one day, you phone Aunt Sarah and have an argument with her. This could well mean that the visit could be delayed or even postponed indefinitely.

The answer to the question do psychics see the future is a definite yes but with the proviso that we can not tell exactly when events are going to occur. If we could, we could all predict the lotto or the stock market rise and fall.

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