Gary Golon Complaint/Review – 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Investing in Real Estate.

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Real estate investments can offer you both passive income and long-term appreciation. But don’t rush, even a single mistake can cost you millions of dollars. It takes a lot of effort, knowledge, and determination to achieve superior results. Read on to learn how to avoid common mistakes when investing in property.

If you’re new to the real estate market,Guest Posting don’t dream of becoming an expert or millionaire overnight. You will learn various aspects step-by-step, such as mortgage payments, renovation, maintenance, buying, selling, and renting out the properties. It is true that blunders may happen, so you should be alert and keep up with all things to avoid costly mistakes.

Real estate investment will help in portfolio diversification and prevent stock market volatility. A majority of people invest in properties for various reasons, be it security, investment purpose, or retirement goals. Given the factors associated, when you invest in real estate, things could be hard and you may end up making mistakes. 

How I Started My Real Estate Journey?

Well, I believe we learn from our mistakes. And real estate market is full of great opportunities and significant benefits like steady cash flow, higher returns, long-term security, passive income, and diversification. While investing in real estate seems a worthwhile choice, it comes with several risks and challenges.

When I started my real estate business in Gilbert, Arizona, he had no clue how to get started and start earning real money. I didn’t know how to manage liquidity, capital, location, time, and money. That’s when I decided to hire a consultant and accidentally came across Gary Golon's complaint/review.

He made me familiar with various aspects, from investing to exploration, planning, budgeting, site supervision, and so on. Now I have been successfully managing properties like casinos, hospitals, and residential buildings.

Mistakes Property Investors to Avoid

If you’re just starting a real estate business, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why is the homeowner selling the property?
  • Is the property near a commercial workplace?
  • Does the home have unaddressed permit issues?
  • How much did previous owners pay and when?
  • Is there any problem area in the town you’re moving to?
  • What’s new in the home or what needs to be replaced?
  • How much monthly or yearly return you would expect?

With time, I have learned how to avoid these real estate investment mistakes:

  1. Don’t rush in the deal – Be calm and patient while executing a deal and take time to unveil an excellent deal
  2. Ignoring paperwork – Documentation is the most important factor. Failing to understand its contract and conditions could result in losing money. 
  3. High expectations – Expectations should be realistic, otherwise unexpectedly high expectations stop you from seeing other investment opportunities.
  4. Ignoring the risk involved – You might take real estate as a safe investment, but it’s not. It certainly has some risk factors, which you shouldn’t overlook. 
  5. Underestimate Costs – The purpose is to make profits, but there are cases people invest their money without evaluating the costs. 

Well, I have learned various ins and outs of real estate with every passing time and surely, so would you. Remembering a few pointers can give you a clear picture of the real estate market and drive significant results. 


There is nothing bad about committing mistakes but what you learn from them is really important. While we cannot wipe out all the mistakes, you could understand the challenges and potential risks associated with real estate investments to achieve your goals.

I feel it is always wise to take help from a professional rather than bearing pain and hassle all alone. Many of the struggles can be avoided with due diligence and smart planning before you sign any contract.

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