Police Brutality - How to Fight Back

Jun 14


Christian Blake

Christian Blake

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A simple but powerful method to stop police brutality.


Ever since the Rodney King incident,Police Brutality - How to Fight Back Articles the world at large has become increasingly aware of police brutality. One would presume that mass public awareness would stem such aggressive behavior from law enforcement officers, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Police officers, if anything, have only become more careful in how they verbally and physically abuse the general public.

Most U.S. residents don’t realize there is a simple method to combat such abuse. In fact, this particular expression of public-power can immobilize an officer’s career and, in extreme cases, bring an abrupt end to the officer’s employment; yes, you can get a police officer fired if you so desire.

If an officer is unnecessarily rough with you or is verbally abusive, you only need to do one thing: file a complaint. Complaints are easy to file. Simply show up at the officer’s department, walk up to the front desk, and ask to file a complaint against an officer. The front desk must file the complaint; it is not the receptionist’s responsibility to validate your claim. You should then proceed to calmly and rationally fill out the paperwork and submit it.

If the receptionist refuses to assist you (which they will do almost every time), then you must ask to speak with the Watch Commander on duty. If the Watch Commander has any sense of responsibility, he or she will file the complaint without resistance. However, if he or she does not wish to file the complaint, then you must keep going up the chain of command until you reach the Chief of Police.

Once filed at the department, a complaint becomes a permanent record on the officer’s file. If an officer receives too many, he or she will get suspended or moved to a position that does not require public interaction. If enough complaints have been filed, the department may choose to fire the officer rather than risk having to explain why a troubled officer was allowed to continue serving the public.

Filing a complaint against an officer is extremely powerful. It has a lifetime effect on the officer’s career. It can prevent an officer from being promoted and can definitely cause problems whenever an officer attempts to lateral to a new department. It is not only your right to file a complaint against an abusive police officer; you should look at it as your responsibility. Such behavior in a law enforcement officer is unacceptable. If you don’t file a complaint, the abusive behavior will only continue and could possibly escalate.

Filing a complaint against a police officer is one instance where the pen is truly mightier than the sword – or in this case, the gun.

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