How Do You Clean Down Comforters?

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Ways to clean down comforters

There's nothing quite as comfy on a frosty,Guest Posting winter's night than the familiar warmth of a down comforter. Available in countless colors, styles, sizes and materials, these types of comforters are timeless in their appeal and can also be used most of the year round. But how do you clean a down comforter that is used on a regular basis and is it advisable to launder one at home?

The dispute as to the best way to effectively clean a down comforter is a long running one, with some saying that dry cleaning is the best method, while others claim that laundering at home is all right, provided if both are done correctly.

Manufacturers of down products will list their recommended methods of cleaning on the label, so it's important to read them in detail before proceeding to clean your comforter. There are expert cleaners who specialize in cleaning items made with down and some will also accept comforters sent in by mail.

Cleaning Your Down Comforter at Home

Using a gentle cleaning solution that's specially formulated for cleaning down, it is possible to clean your own comforter at home, but only do so when necessary. Over-washing can impair the down clusters, remove their natural oils and even cause the comforter to shrink or become out of shape.

Most washing machines and clothes dryers aren't built for handling items as large as down comforters, which become extremely heavy when wet. A front-load washing machine, such as those used commercially, are better for washing the size and weight of the comforter.

Always check the comforter for any rips, tears, or places where the seams are coming apart to ensure no down is lost during the cleaning process. Repair any loose stitches before cleaning using a matching thread. Subsequently, the washing machine should be set to the most delicate setting, using lukewarm, never hot or cold, water, with a mild detergent completely mixed into the water before adding the comforter.

Use a pair of clean, white canvas shoes, without laces, to help keep the comforter moving around in the washer, keeping the down equally distributed without allowing clumps to form. Use an extra rinse cycle to be sure to remove all of the cleaner and gently pull some of the comforter from the machine to squeeze as much water out of each section as possible before running the spin cycle.

A distinct odor is normal in products made from down and should subside once the comforter is completely dry. Again, using the clean tennis shoes, or a few tennis balls placed inside clean socks, put the comforter in the dryer on the lowest configuration possible. Every so often, carefully remove the comforter to fluff it out and redistribute, this ensures that all areas are dry and free from clumps.

A large down comforter may take three hours or so to fully dry. However, you can speed up the drying process by hanging it in the sun on a breezy day.

Dry Cleaning Your Down Comforter

If your duck or goose down comforter is only used once in a while, or only needs freshening up a bit, consider using a dry cleaning kit at home that uses your clothes dryer. Ask friends or family for their recommendations, although most products are said to be similar to results achieved with professional dry cleaning.

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