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Warehouse efficiency can be improved in many ways, from tiny changes to big changes. In this article we provide overview of ways that your warehouse’s efficiency can be improved.

The warehouse space is becoming increasingly important as many more retailers are seeing a boost in online sales,Guest Posting in part due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To keep stock moving and to keep customers happy, many retailers are investing in larger warehouses.

If this is not an option for your business however, there are always small steps that can be taken to improve what you already have available. 


Warehouse Layout

You should keep the space between stocks to a minimum to maximise space. By organising stock seasonally you can save prime space for the right products at the right time. For example you probably don't want to have Christmas decorations readily available in June! 

It also makes sense to have items that are bought together stored close by, such as printers and printer inks. This will save time on order picking. 

Items should be clearly organised and labelled to help pickers find the items quickly.



Racking is available in so many shapes, sizes and configurations. To make the most out of the vertical space in your warehouse you could invest in custom built racking which is designed to suit your space. 

Taller industrial shelving means more items can be stored, but it also must be safe for stacking items on higher levels. The shelving should be of good quality from a reputable and reliable manufacturer. 



A leaner inventory means you won't be wasting space on items that are not fast sellers. If items are readily available then take regular deliveries of these rather than keeping them in stock for long periods of time. You can then use the space for items which do need to be held in stock ready for dispatch at shorter notice. Also storing packaging equipment within a specially built industrial workbench or packing station makes a lot of sense, so the packaging materials are always in place when you need them.



To ensure maximum efficiency in your warehouse you can use automated transport systems. This can include belt conveyors or roller conveyors, and even specially designed picking robots. There is a lot of competition in the logistics industry and having the most up to date technology and warehouse equipment means you'll find it easier to stay ahead of your competition.  



You staff are very important and without them you couldn't have a fully functioning and profitable warehouse. Staff should be offered incentives to meet targets, such as bonuses, events, or other rewards as you see fit. Happier staff are much more engaged with their work and are considerably more productive. 


Staff Safety 

Finally, but most importantly is staff safety. The correct equipment should be provided for your employees to use, including any required health and safety equipment. Things like workbenches should be at a good height, with sufficient lighting and preferably anti-fatigue mats at each workstation. Warehouse staff spend many hours standing and doing repetitive movements so without the correct equipment these strains can lead to injury. By making sure that your staff are comfortable, they will take less time off work due to injury or stress. 




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