How To Turn Yourself From Zero To Hero With Perfume

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Most people apply perfumes the wrong way. Knowing how to apply best perfume scent is a skill form which if not done in a proper manner can lead to over-application or a scent that disappears almost immediately.

Applying The Perfume The Right Way:Most people apply perfumes the wrong way. Knowing how to apply best perfume for men is a skill form which if not done in a proper manner can lead to over-application or a scent that disappears almost immediately. Since perfume is an addition for many men and women,Guest Posting they spray it on their clothes right before they walk out the door to start their day which is the wrong way to do it. This is the proper way to apply perfume:a) Apply channel cristalle right after you have showered b) Hold the perfume bottle 3-6 inches from your body c) Start with light applicationd) Re apply if neededMosturize Your Skin:Do not apply perfume on a dry skin always apply some oil first and then spray some scent. Body lotion on your skin before spraying on the perfume will also do the magic trick. If you spray it on a dry skin the scent will disappear very fast. Now days most perfumes have body lotion that complements them Chanel perfume for women.A Little Bit Of Self Awareness HelpsTaking a shower before applying perfume is the best technique it will be so inappropriate when you apply perfume on your body while sweaty. A good scented perfume compliments well with a clean body.Don’t Forget About Your HairThe hair holds the scent of the perfume even longer than the skin. You can apply a small amount of perfume spray into your hair or your hair brush. It’s important to apply perfume into a freshly washed hair because the hair can contain some oils that can interfere with the perfume scent. However the kind of product you apply into your hair depends on how it will blend in with the perfume scent best hair products.Don’t Apply To Much PerfumeYour perfume should attract people and not the other way around thus it’s better to avoid applying too much of it. The problem with this is that you cannot tell if the perfume is a nuisance to other people since you are used to applying to much of it. If you don’t know the amount of perfume to wear kindly take a look at the perfume bottle for concentration.If you have some light and refreshing gucci guilty for men make 3-4 drops. But if you have an intense perfume such as guess seductive homme blue make 1-2 drops.Reapply The Perfume During The Day If your perfume becomes quitter as the day goes by its important to ask a friend if they can still smell the scent. If the scent is not there then there is need to apply it 1-2 times during the day depending with the concentration. Finding Your Signature ScentFinding your identity is very important. This makes you stand out when you are with friend’s colleagues and family. It also brings out class in a person. Choosing the right brands of perfume e.g. best scent for men also is important since their aroma are the best.

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