The Art of Selecting and Wearing Your Favorite Perfume

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Selecting the perfume that suits your personality and learning the art of wearing perfume makes you a perfume aficionado.

Perfumes have been in fashion since time immemorial. Earlier,Guest Posting people were using natural fragrances that were products of flowers and other substances found in nature. With the advent of technologies the procedures of preparing perfumed took a new shape and these days, many renowned perfume manufacturers are entering the market with their brand names.

Perfumes are trend of the day and consumers are looking for reputed makes even while choosing their perfumes. Perfume is said to be the secret of staying fresh. Hence, choosing perfume needs careful decision.

Selecting perfume:

Many people pick a perfume hastily. But it is important to note that the perfume that suits one person may not be the perfect one for other. There are some imperative facts involved with selecting perfume.

Choose the perfume that fits the natural aroma of your body:

The fragrance of your perfume should be mild enough so that it doesn`t enter anyone else`s personal space. Again, the fragrance should enhance your personality by being pleasant. Don`t select a perfume just because it smells nice on someone else. The best technique is to choosing it according to your skin type. The fragrance of the perfume should mingle with the aroma of your body.

Testing a perfume before selecting it:

When you visit a store to buy perfume take samples of maximum two or three types of fragrances by spraying them on your skin. The real fragrance of the perfume is observed after 10 minutes of applying it. Hence, wait for sometime after applying the perfumes and before selecting it to purchase. Experts even suggest taking 24 hours before making a decision about perfume.

You can go though experts` tips on selecting perfumes. But the other aspect of that is related to use of perfume is wearing it. Many people possess little knowledge of wearing a perfume. This may not solve your purpose of wearing a perfume despite of buying one from the best make.

Skin type:

Your skin type is a prime factor that decides the type of perfume that you should wear. The presence or lack of oil is responsible for enhancing or reducing the effect of the fragrance. Oily skin can keep the fragrance intact for longer. An extra amount of perfume is necessary for dry skin.


Cold weather weakens the scent of perfume. Again, dry skin tends to lose the scent earlier. Hence, try to use extra amount of perfume during winter. It is pleasure to do some experiments on perfume. Instead of wearing the same perfume round the year, you can check out various perfumes during different seasons. Mild perfumes are best choice for summer. Some perfumes also smell different during day and night.

Best time of the day to apply perfume:

Applying perfume after taking bath makes it stay longer as the pores of your skin are open after having a shower and they soak up the fragrance of the perfume easily. However, care should be taken of not applying deodorizing soaps on the area where you apply perfumes; the mixture of the fragrances may not be pleasant.

Wearing perfume with Jewelry:

Wearing perfume along with jewelry involves certain risks. Pearl jewelry becomes discolored due to the presence of alcohol in perfume. Some jewelry also loses its outer coating when they come in contact with perfume. Hence, you need to apply your perfume away from such kind of jewelry while wearing them.

It is said that perfume reflects the personality of a person who sports it. Hence, don`t compromise while picking a perfume for your use. It is advisable to take opinion of your friends and family members while trying out a new perfume.

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